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  1. Glitch Hop Production with Maschine


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    The latest course from Producertech Tutor Defazed/Fractronix takes you through each stage of creating a Glitch Hop track. With releases on labels around the world, as well as being a renowned educator and expert on dance music, Defazed brings his wealth of knowledge to all aspects of the production ...
  2. Producing Glitch Hop Beats and Bass


    Regular Price: $21.38

    Special Price $10.69

    In this set of tutorials (the first part of his complete Glitch Hop Production course), awesome producer and Producertech tutor Defazed (aka FracTroniX) guides you through the creation of a heavy Glitch Hop groove - including how to program the beats and how to synthesize, resample, arrange and mix ...

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