Producer's Guide to Music Theory with Maschine

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Bundle - Complete Guide to Maschine Studio and Producer's Guide to Music Theory

By Rob Jones

This combined course package bundles the Complete Guide to Maschine Studio and Producer's Guide to Music Theory, giving a discounted option for anyone wanting to pick up the comprehensive set of tutorials covering every aspect of the software and Studio hardware, in addition to lessons teaching the fundamental principles of theory.

  • streamed lessons - access 24/7/365
  • nearly 6 hours of tutorials!
  • theory exercise projects with answer sheets
  • written notes and Maschine projects with every module
  • 240MB of extra audio samples

£54.95 £32.97


Bundle - Complete Guide to Maschine Studio and Producer's Guide to Music Theory

Signing up to this bundle gives you all of the lessons from the Complete Guide to Maschine Studio, as well as the Producer's Guide to Music Theory, for a discounted rate, allowing you to learn not just every technical aspect of Maschine, but also how to play it like an instrument.

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Rob Jones

Rob is a classically trained musician, with piano as his primary instrument, and obtained a degree in music and sound recording (the prestigious Tonmeister course) from the University of Surrey. Having honed his skills both at University and in the studios in London where he worked in a technical role, he began releasing music on labels like Lot49, Dead Famous and Erase, under the artist name Anarchy Rice. Rob has been at the forefront of music software training since the very beginning, having kicked things off at Focusrite back in 2006. With both classical music and technical sound qualifications, as well as a wealth of presenting experience, he is ideally suited to the role of an online music trainer, and is 100% dedicated to sharing his knowledge and assisting others with what he believes to be one of the most rewarding things in life - making music!

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Module 1 - Key signature and Major/Minor Scales
Module 2 - Creating Basslines in a Minor Key
Module 3 - Intervals
Module 4 - Chords Part I
Module 5 - Chords Part II
Module 6 - Creating Melodic Accompaniment
Module 7 - Practice your skills!