House Production with Maschine

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House Production with Maschine

by Rob Jones
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Customer Reviews

this tutorial is certainly worth the money! 10/10 Review by Rodney
From the drums to melody and chords, this tutorial is certainly worth the money! 10/10 (Posted on 7/26/2017)
Good instructional value. Review by Simen Fjeld
Good instructional value. Files that come with the course is FAR from expected. No instructions on how install the included files. No "blank" project with all files in, only the finished which gives less value.. (Posted on 7/26/2017)
Nice, a lot of useful info and tricks. Review by Melanholix
Nice, a lot of useful info and tricks. (Posted on 7/26/2017)
OUTSTANDING!!!!! Review by Bill Bancroft
Rob Jones and his team have clearly created excellent tutorials.
They have been very helpful, easy to understand, and detailed enough to help me get my songs posted. The teachers have spent thousands of hours playing instruments, making music, and understanding all of these wonderful, constantly improving DAW formats.
If you watch these tutorials, practice like crazy and then watch them again, you can begin to understand how to make better electronic music. These videos are the best on the web, and are beautifully produced with a minimum of distracting sounds like dog barks and computer clicking. Even the producers are careful to avoid extra sighs and vocal noises in the lessons. This means that you can really follow the subtle, musical content of the videos and improve your sound with the techniques amply provided. (Posted on 7/28/2015)
Rob rocks Review by Axel Protextor
I got my new Maschine a few weeks ago and started with the Complete Guide to Maschine, followed by the House Music Course.
Rob is explaining very understandable, and once I booked the courses I really couldn't stop watching because it was so interesting and exiting to see what you can do with Maschine. The most importatnt things to me were that Rob shows most of the steps by using the hardware, not just pointing and clicking on the software. And the House Course has a really high quality, release-worthy music example in it, that I appreciate very much. I checked out some other course platforms before, but left because of the really awful music examples they presented there.
The courses are really comprehensive. I watched them lots of times while creating my first track, and every time a new question emerged I simply watched the chapter again to realize the question has already been answered by Rob. And last but not least, if there are any questions left, Rob offers a very fast and friendly personal e-mail support. Yep, no bots or pre-written text blocks. This alone is priceless. Definite recommendation! (Posted on 7/28/2015)
Really made a difference. Review by Andrew
Got me off the mouse and using the hardware massive improvements to my workflow (Posted on 7/28/2015)
Superb, concise & easy to follow Review by Timo Garcia
This is a superb, concise and easy to follow course of music tutorials giving a really in depth illustration of how to use Maschine. Its broken down into easy to digest and comprehensive sections such as laying out the beats, adding melodies, final mix down etc. This course would suit beginners and also be very useful for those of you who already have a basic knowledge of how to use Maschine.. full of great tips and tricks.. In fact its making me want to go out and buy a Maschine for myself now! (Posted on 7/27/2015)

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House Production by Rob Jones (Yoneß)

In this lesson, which is the free sample from the course, Rob shows how the beats are made, by programming in the main and secondary drums as well as some FX, all of which is done either in step mode or by recording in parts, and then editing and processing individual sounds and the entire drums group with various effects.
This lesson shows how all of the melodic parts in the track are conceived, those being the bassline, main chords, other lead sounds and strings. The fundamental theory behind parts is explained, outlining how each one fits with the other sounds in the song, and the overall resulting harmony. Then, once the patterns have been created, Rob jams with them to show how the arrangement could be constructed.
This lesson shows how a large vocal sample can be chopped, sliced, edited and rearranged to form a variety of different vocal patterns for a track, either as prominent main elements or subtler accompaniments.
This lesson shows how to arrange a track from the elements created so far on the course, at first laying down the basic structure and then going in and fine tuning sections, to add smaller edits and variations, parameter automation and so on.
This lesson runs through the finished arrangement, explaining how parts have been developed and tweaked, and the processing used on individual sounds, groups and the master, in order to polish and hone the final mix.

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