Complete Guide to Maschine Studio

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Complete Guide to Maschine Studio

by Rob Jones
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Customer Reviews

Great course for those getting started on Machine Studio Review by George
Great course for those getting started on Machine Studio OR those who want to revisit the course to get a refresher on special operations. I searched from Lynda to Ask to Groove and found this the best course to get balls deep in MS (Posted on 7/26/2017)
teaches everything you need to know to work on the Maschine hardware Review by tim verberne
This course really teaches everything you need to know to work on the Maschine hardware with a fast workflow (Posted on 7/26/2017)
Very Well Taught and Demo'd Course Review by Tony Gar
More than just a course that points out features and operations of Maschine, this course starts small and expands by building projects in each lesson that the user can duplicate to acquire these skills. Maschine skills are taught by using both the hardware and the software methods. Rob, the course instructor, has also been accessible via email for questions and/or problems that take the student off track. This is and has been essential to me as I am still taking this course. I strongly endorse this manner of instruction as it has made learning to use Maschine achievable. I would have NEVER have been able to learn Maschine on my own. Without this course, my Maschine was a useless expensive gadget just sitting in the corner. --- Thank You Rob. (Posted on 9/18/2015)
Maschine Studio Review by Julian Spruce
My name Is Julian, I'm a producer from South Africa living in the UK. I have been making music, analogue and electric for close on 2 decades. I have a firm understanding of most DAWs. Recently I decided to take a leap and get a Maschine Studio, something I'd been planning for a while.

Now, maybe it's just me personally but after spending close on $1000 for the hardware, the least I expected (possibly naively) from NI was an instruction manual. Getting a piece of hardware like this, never really having used a hardware sampler/sequencer like the Maschine before, I found it overwhelming.

I then rushed off to Youtube to get some beginner tutorials to get me on the way, only to be greeted by a massive collection of various skill level tutorials, nothing step by step to get the ball rolling.

I came across your Youtube channel and quickly invested.

It is by far the best decision I have made since buying the Maschine and would just like to say a massive thank you as after your course it all seemed childish and was a pleasure to use. I now use it synced to Traktor and Ableton, as an Ableton controller and sequencing my external H/W.

I have also since mailed NI to explain my disgust with their company and to recommend all units be shipped with your tutorial videos (at a monetary benefit to you, of course).

They didn't respond, but worth trying.

Again, thank you, you'll be seeing much more from me. (Posted on 9/18/2015)
Very helpful course Review by Adam
I decided to enroll in this course on the same day I bought my first Maschine and I must say it was a good decision. Now, only about a week later I already feel very comfortable using many of the features so now I just have to practice some more. This course is great for anyone who wants to get a quick start on this powerful production setup, I recommend it (Posted on 7/28/2015)

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Complete Guide to Maschine Studio by Rob Jones

This movie provides an overview of Maschine, explaining how the software and hardware work and demonstrating all of the main features. This is done in the context of a completed project, from the final module on the course, as well as showing how a project can get up and running with the hardware in no time at all. The lesson is intended as a quick guide to everything, whilst the remainder of the course then goes through each of these things and much more, slowly and in greater detail.
This module starts to teach you how different patterns can be created, predominantly by playing in events with the hardware pads. Then, there is a guide to some important editing operations, including examples of automatic and manual quantizing and adjusting velocity values.
This module looks at the individual parts that make up each group, which are the 16 sound slots that can be played using Maschine's pads. These are often single samples, as you find in Maschine's factory kits, but can also be any instrument or plug-in you choose. However, this lesson focuses on adding and editing samples, so you can see how to create your own group from scratch.
This module teaches the various pad modes available on Maschine, which allow them to be used in a variety of different ways to create patterns, including fixed velocity and 16-velocity modes, keyboard mode and step mode.
This module gives you a thorough explanation of how scenes work, which are the vertical columns in the upper half of the software that contain different combinations of patterns, allowing you to switch from one part of a song to another for realtime jamming, or arrange and play an entire song from start to finish.
This module shows how Maschine's Sampling facility can be used to add your own sounds to songs, by recording and then editing them in a number of ways. There's also a guide to how to slice up larger samples and assign them to Maschine's pads for innovative ways of performing live or producing.
This lesson runs you through how to apply effects processing to sounds within Maschine, be they individual sound slots in a group, whole groups or the master output, so all groups simultaneously. As well as providing a guide to the range of effects on offer and how to use them, this should also help to further develop your understanding of the Modules section of the software.
This module looks at some more advanced effects processing techniques, including how to automate parameters, how to create send effects and then also how to route sounds in and out of Maschine, allowing them to be mixed and processed using other software or hardware.
This lesson shows how the Controller Editor can be used to turn Maschine into a comprehensive control surface for Ableton Live.
This bonus tutorial gives a thorough guide to using Maschine in plug-in mode within a DAW like Live or Logic, including how to automate parameters.



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