Producer's Guide to DIY Mastering

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Producer's Guide to DIY Mastering

by Adam Goodlet
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Customer Reviews

Nice introduction for beginners Review by Luis Rivera
Nice introduction for beginners and people that's trying to learn the basics of music and production.. Thanks for the information.. (Posted on 7/26/2017)
Great insight into Adam's mastering process Review by Blue Phoenix
I've hired Adam to professionally master my two albums and his results are phenomenal. It was really great to peer into his 8 step process for mastering so I can handle self-mastering some of my smaller one-off projects in the future.

I still see great value in hiring a professional. At some steps, it was hard for me to hear much of a difference, but I think that comes with lots of mastering experience.

Thanks for the great tutorials! (Posted on 1/16/2016)

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Producers Guide to DIY Mastering

Adam gives a brief introduction to the course.
This module looks at what the mastering process is, and how to know when a track is ready for mastering.
This video looks at file preparation, explaining the considerations that need to be made regarding file format, headroom and rendering.
Adam explains the 8 steps to his mastering process.
This lesson explains the importance of carefully listening to a pre-master at a comfortable volume and listening environment
In this module, the concept of headroom is explained and its importance in the mastering process is discussed.
This video looks at using mid/ side EQing to achieve a desirable stereo spread at certain frequencies.
In this module, Adam makes further use of precise EQing to balance out the frequency spectrum of the track.
This module takes a look at using compression and multiband dynamics processing to ensure that the desired dynamic range for the track is achieved.
In this video, Adam delves deeper into the stereo considerations of mastering, taking a look at how to make a track sound good in both stereo and mono.
Adam adds some post-dynamic EQ to correct the spectral balance, ensuring that the low end sounds big and warm and the highs aren't too harsh.
This module shows the use of limiting to achieve the required output volume, including some tips on using a series of limiters.
This module takes a look at some popular 3rd party mastering plugins from the likes of Slate Digital and FabFilter.
The course concludes with a look at how to bounce the final master, taking into account file type, bit rate and dithering.
This module shows Adam conducting the entire mastering process in Logic Pro X with a variety of 3rd party plugins.
In this second bonus module, Adam briefly guides you through the Logic Pro X mastering template that comes free with the course, featuring only stock plugins.

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