Level 1 - Beginners Complete Guide to Logic Pro

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Level 1 - Beginners Complete Guide to Logic Pro

by Rob Jones
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Customer Reviews

Exelent! Review by Dionysis Siopsis
Exelent! but Please upload the videos in HD Qualoty also (Posted on 7/26/2017)
very good Review by Carl Diaz-Parker
The logic course part one was very good for me. I like that they provided the tracks for the specific lesson to work with. The instructor will reply to questions, which I think is great! I was already familiar with some basic aspects of Logic, so this gave me a ton of additional knowledge. (Posted on 9/18/2015)
Logic Beginners Course Review by Anthony Lewis
There is nothing worse than not knowing what you do not know and being deluded that you know more and are more capable than you are - I was not sure about starting at the Beginners Course having spent many fun hours going though the manuals from Logic 8! Well I am glad I did the Beginners Course as that is what I realise I am - there I've said it! I did struggle at times even on the beginners course but learnt a tremendous amount on all aspects of how to use the software, the theory behind what you are doing and I especially appreciated the tips from an industry experienced producer. A great starter for me - I just wish I'd put the manual down and invested in this on line course - it would have saved me a lot of time, and my friends from a lot of ear ache from the being forced to listen to my very amateurish tracks - thanks guys for an excellent product. Its the advanced course next but only after another pass through and revision of the beginners course. (Posted on 9/18/2015)
Really helpful Review by Shiv Singh Benawra
I have never used logic or any other software for making music ever before and this course has been really helpful in getting me started. Looking forward to the advanced course. (Posted on 9/18/2015)
Deep Review by Andrew
Level 1 and 2 together provide coverage of many features demonstrated in several ways. Really makes repeated viewing worthwhile and has provided a splendid reference source I check back to again and again (Posted on 9/18/2015)
Most definitely worth more than i invested... Review by Anthony
I just want to say that the Logic course is absolutely fab-fantastic. The immediate hands-on approach gets you already producing once you're a few lessons in (even without any prior knowledge of Logic Pro).

I think what stands out most with this course is that you not only learn how to use the software, you learn a lot about sound synthesis and engineering - knowledge you can apply to manipulating and getting the most out of any sound in any sound generator in any DAW.

The high point for this course is the exquisite delivery by Rob - every detail is well explained; and of course the forum holds a wealth of knowledge.

I have no complaints whatsoever on the course, and I am more than satisfied with what I got out of it with the little investment I made. In summary, I absolutely loved it. (Posted on 9/18/2015)

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Level 1 - Beginners Complete Guide to Logic Pro

Introduces the course and then moves onto getting started with a new project and setting up an audio interface and MIDI controller. Then, some of the main ways of making music are shown, including importing audio, using Apple Loops and playing software instruments, to introduce you to the main areas of Logic and what they're for.
Shows how to get started with a project and how to make a groove out of different audio samples. Loops and hits are imported, copied, pasted, trimmed, looped, sliced and timestretched to work them into a cool break. Flex mode is also used to correct timing issues with a live loop and finally the project bin is introduced.
Briefly explains MIDI and how to set up a MIDI track and Logic instrument. Looks at what a MIDI region is and the various ways it can be created, such as playing and drawing. Then, how to edit MIDI notes in the Piano Roll window, focussing on quantisation and timing, note length, velocity and pitch.
Teaches how to edit audio regions in the Editor Section, in both Track and (Advanced) File modes, introducing Flex Pitch and Destructive Editing Techniques. Then, demonstrates some ways of arranging a track, including Palette and Subtractive Methods.
Explains the basics of audio recording, such as how to set up a track's input and monitoring settings. Shows the various ways that audio can be recorded, such as continuously, with autopunch or in cycle mode. Then how to edit the recorded audio, including how to create a comp of the best sections from multiple takes. Also shows how to turn your recording into an Apple loop.
Shows how to add one or more inserts to tracks and how to manage them, then explains presets and how to make your own. Explains the basics of compression, and provides a comprehensive guide to the most important parameters. Also introduces the concept of filtering and manipulating of frequencies, including an introduction to frequency modulation.
Describes the process of constructing drums using Ultrabeat. Shows how to create and edit a hip hop break using a MIDI region and adjusting parameters in Ultrabeat's assignment strip. Also teaches how to make a house drum loop using Ultrabeat's sequencer, showing how to import your own samples as well as how to edit the key parameters in the synth section like filtering and pitch.
Covers working with the Logic mixer, showing all the different parameters available. Teaches about equalisation, track grouping and various techniques for adjusting levels and panning.
Shows some of the most important effects for mixing a track, beginning with reverb. Explains how to create and use send FX, showing how to make an auxiliary reverb bus. Teaches the basics and some more advanced uses for delays - showing a longer delay and higher feedback setting for bridging gaps between sections, and use of smaller delay time for effect. Also introduces chorus.
Explains what a sampler is and how it works. Shows how to select different instruments in EXS24 and then how to edit their level and pitch. Teaches how to import sounds and then how to edit them in the EXS and Sample Editor, showing trimming, transposition and looping. Also introduces ADSR envelopes, starting with the amplitude envelope and moving onto the filter envelope.
Explains the basics of synthesizing using the included Novation Bass Station as an example. Shows the main parameters available in each synth section, demonstrating oscillator waveforms and pitch, and envelope and LFO modulation. Ends by showing how to use this knowledge to create your own sounds.
Teaches how to control Logic with different types of MIDI controller, including a guide to the Controller Assignments facility for mapping software parameters. There is also an explanation of how to set up key commands for various software functions and a demonstration of how to integrate hardware synthesizers with your song.
Explains what mastering is and shows the various stages, focussing mainly on multiband compression and limiting. Also shows Spectral Analysis and EQ, more subtle refining techniques and how to export (bounce) your final track.
Provides a detailed overview of how Drummer and Drum Kit Designer work, showing you the basic controls, right through to advanced editing and customisation.

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