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  1. Essential Techno Sound Design

    Paul Maddox
    Producertech’s resident House and Techno guru Paul Maddox returns to teach some of the most fundamental sound design techniques for creating melodic, rhythmic and atmospheric parts in your tracks. Using entirely Ableton instruments and effects, including many devices brand new to Live 10, Paul mak...
  2. Classic House Production and Sound Design

    Ian Bland
    Using almost exclusively Logic’s built-in instruments and effects, tutor Ian Bland shows how to design bass grooves, leads, pads, vocals and more, then arrange and mix them into a professional-sounding track....
  3. Bundle - Maschine MK3 Complete Courses Collection

    After this massive 23-hour tutorial package, you’ll find yourself knowing Maschine inside and out, having learned every aspect of the software and hardware, been shown numerous examples of track production and even had lessons on music theory. So whether you’re a complete beginner or have a fair...
  4. Complete Guide to Maschine MK3

    Rob Jones
    NI’s latest Maschine controller has elevated the device to whole new levels, transforming it into one of the most incredible platforms for making music. On this comprehensive course by certified trainer Rob Jones, you’ll learn every aspect of both the MK3 controller and Maschine software, as wel...
  5. Bundle - Ableton House Producer Collection

    A massive collection of House courses from some of today's hottest producers, including Martin Eyerer, Paul Maddox and Santé. In nearly 20 hours of tutorials, you'll learn the foundations for making a solid groove, as well as a huge amount of sound design, mixing and production techniques for creat...
  6. Reso DnB Bass Masterclass

    DnB legend Reso returns to the Producertech community to share his secrets for producing incredible Neuro-style basslines. His 2 hours of comprehensive tutorials cover sound design, arranging and composition, mixing and processing, all with Logic’s built-in instruments and effects....
  7. Workflow Techniques with Ableton Push

    Rob Jones
    This course explores a number of creative Push workflow ideas that begin in different ways but all result in the construction of original rhythmic or melodic parts. As well as learning the workflow techniques themselves, Producertech Senior Tutor Rob Jones explains a wealth of other considerations a...
  8. Building a House Anthem - Reconstructing 'Maasai'

    OC & Verde
    In this set of tutorials, Pete Tong's 'New Names to Watch' OC & Verde reconstruct one of their best known tracks, 'Maasai', which spent several weeks at number 1 on Beatport and received support from John Digweed, Solomun, Steve Lawler, Yousef and many more. As well as the streamed tutorials, the co...
  9. Complete Guide to Maschine Jam

    Rob Jones
    Maschine has fast become one of the most desirable bits of kit, not just for creating beats like its MPC predecessor, but in fact entire arrangements, for performing or in the studio. In this comprehensive set of tutorials, senior tutor Rob Jones takes you through every detail of the Jam hardware, e...
  10. Bass Patch Sound Design Bundle

    In this series of courses from acclaimed UK producer Seppa, you'll learn a multitude of bass sound design techniques using Live's powerful Suite instruments, Analog, Operator and Sampler, as well as how to process them with Live's standard effects devices to create a professionally-mixed sound. The...

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