7 Days Fast Track Events for Beginners

As a newcomer to music production, the distance between an empty project and a completed track can seem like an infinite chasm! This new interactive event aims to significantly shorten that gap by getting you from ‘zero to hero’ in only a week!

Make your first track in 7 days

No matter what your skill level, senior Producertech tutor Rob Jones’ 7-step programme will have you up and running in no time, as you learn the main stages required in producing your first track. Be it House, Techno, DnB, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Trap or otherwise, this masterclass will set you on a clear path to achieving your goal. This unique, intensive course simplifies the production process down to the most essential aspects, so that the focus is on one main area each day, going from an empty project right up to a completed arrangement.

How do the events work?

Events happen once a month currently, with limited spaces. Enrolling secures a space until the start date, at which time attendees are sent a code to unlock the week’s content, which amounts to around an hour a day of lessons on average. This consists of an intro to the day’s topics, a realtime production session and bonus lessons showing alternative workflows.

The week is also punctuated with 3 Zoom sessions at the start, middle and end, for live interaction with Rob to ask questions and receive realtime instruction. At the end of the week you can submit your completed track for feedback, to get personalised comments and recommendations for what areas to focus on after the event.

As part of the package, attendees are also provided with 3 bonus courses from Producertech’s core collection - Beginner’s Guide to Beats Production, Beginner’s Guide to Music Theory for Producers and The Art of Sampling - along with 2 free sample packs from Rawcutz and Niche Audio. This helps attendees get their personal sample library off to a start, whilst increasing the total to 13+ hours of tutorials that are accessible for life.

Who are the events for?

The events are designed for total beginners, including those with zero knowledge of music software. No previous production experience is assumed and all techniques are explained slowly and clearly, to make sure everything is easy to follow.

That said, for those with absolutely no knowledge of music software at all, we have also made a completely Free Getting Started course, which goes into the basics of music production, to help get people up to speed with some of the fundamentals and terminology involved, just to make sure everyone hits the ground running and gets off to the best start possible.

What subjects are covered during the week?

These are the main topics that are taught throughout the 7-day programme:

• Beats Production

• Sampling

• Audio Editing

• Recording & Editing MIDI

• Using Synths & Samplers

• Music Theory

• Composition & Arranging

• Effects Processing

• Sound Design

• Basic Mixing

By the end of the week, attendees will have all the knowledge required to build a decent arrangement as well as some understanding of the techniques involved with mixing it.

Got any more questions?

Rob will be conducting a public livestream on Friday 27th January at 17.00 GMT to launch the events, explain more precisely the format and content, answer questions and give a sneak preview of the music produced during the week. 


There will be additional streams throughout the year, for anyone wanting to join Rob on one before deciding whether or not to attend the event.

So, ENROL NOW to take the 7 day intensive learning challenge and get on the path to making your first dancefloor anthem today!


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