Ableton Live 11 Free Tutorials

Ableton Live 11 is out now! We've put together a series of free tutorials looking at the best new features including MPE!

If you’re a Live user, you’ve probably been following the developments over the last few months. From speculation over new features to debating the merits of certain skins, the community has been alive with excitement for Ableton’s latest major update.

The sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed that our latest live streams have all been using Live 11, so Producertech have been quietly building up content using this version. With the recent release of our Beginner's Guide to Music Production in Ableton Live course and subsequent bundles focusing on Live 10, we decided to make some of these new tutorials free for everyone.

The Beginners Guide to Music Production in Ableton Live course is totally compatible with Live 11, as most areas taught are exactly the same in the new version. However, Rob is also in the process of creating new updates, which will be added to the course, so anyone with version 11 already or looking to upgrade will be 100% catered for.

   Ableton Live 11 tutorial part 1: New Features In The Clip Editor

This video is about creating a varying bassline using the clip editor. Senior tutor Rob Jones looks at some of the new features and how to use them to create more interest and variation when working with MIDI instruments.

Rob uses a bass sample from Loopcloud, dropping it onto the device chain ready to use in his track. He then sequences in a bassline, drawing a run of notes using a couple of handy shortcuts. 

To make it sound less like a 'horrific machinegun', Rob adjusts the low-pass filter cutoff in Simpler. This is all quite standard stuff so far but you'll start seeing some of the new features when Rob starts playing with the velocity range. 

   Part 2: Advanced features, Modulator Tool & Snapshot

Using the new LFO modulator tool in Live 11 Rob maps an LFO to his sample directly on the sample editor! You'll also see how to adjust the shape of the waveform and the LFO rate. Rob then adds everything to a rack, assigning different parameters to the macros. There's also a little look at another new feature 'Snapshot'.

We've made the project and the rack Rob uses in this series freely available. Download the Live 11 project & rack here. 

   Bonus MPE Tutorial

 For a comprehensive list of everything that’s new in Live 11 & to download it, visit Ableton’s website

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  • nice start off on Live 11 tuts!

    Never too early to get a head start on Live 11 ! Thanks Rob!

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