AI music tools: How can you use AI for music production?

 AI has officially reached its golden age. No matter where you go, it seems to be the term on everyones mind. There seems to be a large focus on the negatives of AI (we're all going to be replaced and eventually destroyed by AI) and other cheery scenarios, but at Producertech, we're glass-half-full pragmatists. How can I use this emerging technology to help me overcome creative blocks? To streamline my workflow? To think outside the box? We put together a list of prompts you can use to help generate some ideas the next time you use AI, such as ChatGPT. 

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Chord progressions: Request the AI to generate unique chord progressions or provide alternative chords for a specific part of a song.

The chord progression is the backbone of your song. It forms the tone and mood of the song, and contributes greatly to the feelings of energy and momentum, as well as tension and release. And therefore getting your chord progression right can be difficult! AI can trawl the vast database of chord progressions on the internet and further afield, and synthesize something exactly to your taste. For example, you could use the prompt: 'Write me a chord progression in the style of Tiesto, with a generally upbeat, optimistic feeling, and make it in the key of C'.  You will instantaneously receive a synthesized chord progression perfect for slotting into your track.


Instrumentation suggestions: Request the AI to recommend suitable instrument combinations or textures for a particular musical style or mood.

Often, we're particularly fond (or adept) at one particular instrument, sound, or style. As a musician, we may mainly be a guitarist, or keys player. As a producer, we mya be particuarly proficient at writing basslines, but not so strong at composing interesting rhythms. Arrangement is a crucail element of music production, and can be one of the most subtle and hard to grasp concepts of music (as there are no definitive rules, as opposed to the other parts of music production). AI can help make suggestions on where to bring in that horn part, or whether to choose a sax or a trumpet for your particular track. Try something along the lines of: I'm producing a big room Techno track, which i want to sound huge. Can you suggest which synth presets work best for this? 

Mixing and mastering tips: Request the AI for recommendations on improving the mix balance, EQ, compression, or other aspects of the mix and master process.

What's the best ratio to use when compressing a [insert instrument]? This would be a great way to quickly get an answer to one of the most misunderstood parts of Music Production. Compression, EQ, limiting, saturation and all the rest, have been the source of much head scratching over the years, particularly for beginners - who often just want to make good music, not worry about all the technicals! Compression, for example, requires unique settings on a case-by-case basis, and therefore can be notoriously difficult for people who aren't seasoned pro's. Let AI scour the world's collective brain for a more accurate answer than your roundabout guess.


Sound design: Ask the AI to provide unique sound design ideas or suggest specific parameters for synthesizers or virtual instruments to create desired sounds.

For those lacking in experience in the sound design world, this could be a life saver. Imagine you've been trying to get that particularly hollow sounding bass sound from that Prodigy track you love, but you can't for the life of you work out how to create it, and a general google doesn't help - ask AI! It will tell you that what you're looking for is a square wave with a filter envelope on it - and if you ask nicely, it'll even tell you the best ways in which to do this with your specific synth. Try another prompt, such as: 'I'd like my pad to sound more swirly and dynamic, with a rushing effect. How do I achieve this?'


Songwriting inspiration: Seek assistance from the AI in generating songwriting prompts or ideas to overcome creative blocks or find new directions.

Many producers are actually fantastic sound designers, engineers and mixers. They have the technical know how on how to turn any synth into any sound, or to make even the weakest samples incredibly punchy. But this may come at a cost - a lack of songwriting know how. Yes, you can create the best mixdown know to man, but does that really matter if it isn't a catchy, memorable and enjoyable tune? Are you having to write lyrics as well? AI can step in and provide you with some help. Here's a fun example we tried with ChatGPT:

PROMPT: write me four verses of a song about walking into the nightclub, suitable for dance music

(Verse 1)

Stepping through the doors, the beat hits my soul,

Lights flashing, bodies moving, I lose control,

The energy's electric, the air filled with sound,

We're ready to dance, gonna own this ground.


Feel the bass pounding, it's shaking the floor,

The DJ's spinning tracks that we adore,

Weaving through the crowd, bodies in the heat,

The rhythm takes over, we're on our feet.


(Verse 2)

Colors collide, a kaleidoscope of light,

Sweat dripping down, we're in for a wild night,

Hands in the air, we're reaching for the sky,

In this pulsing moment, time starts to fly.


The music's pumping, it's running through my veins,

We're united as one, no boundaries, no chains,

We came to escape, let the beat set us free,

In this nightclub paradise, we find our ecstasy. 

Not too bad!

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