Featured Artist: Adam Goodlet

Adam Goodlet describes himself as a Music Producer, Mixing and Mastering engineer, Live electronic music and performance specialist. He's coming back to Producertech with a livestream on the 2nd November and a new course on advanced sound design at the end of this year.

With over two decades of experience producing music he has worked on hundreds of productions and mixed/mastered many more. He is currently working on an array of new music, to be released in 2022. 

Other recent clients include Hedflux, Ed Wynne (Ozric Tentacles), Silas Neptune (Ozric Tentacles), Rob Chapman, Mouldy Soul and Luminus Music.

Adam gained notoriety with freeform hardcore dance act ‘Ephexis’, reaching no.6 in Mixmag’s list of top Global Psychedelic Music Influential Artists 2006.

A prolific music producer, his cutting edge approach to music has led to multiple international tours, festival shows and releases. He is a specialist in the “Psy” sound, a style noted for its incredible three dimensional production and trancedental qualities.

“I’ve personally created many styles and genres of music, from chill out to hardcore dance and everything in between – including: Ephexis (Freeform Hardcore) – Re:Creation (Full-On PsyTrance) – Peak (Psy-Breaks) Arcturian Soul (Chillout) – OverSoul – (Experimental psychedelic bass and techno) – E:Clipse – (Vocal PsyBass) (With Laura Jenkins).”

Adam is also a talented visual artist, creating psychedelic visual spectacles for live shows and is currently supporting Ozric Tentacles on their 2021 UK tour.

   Adam Goodlet’s music

We’ve put together a Spotify playlist featuring music produced by Adam. Check it out below.

   Ephexis - Sick Seduction

Slamming electric guitars and hardcore beats combine in this 2010 banger. High energy bass and a saw lead drive this trance-lased, peak time club track.

   Ephexis- Tracktion

Laser guided arpeggiated synths swirl at a white hot temperature in another anthemic, peak time hardcore style tune. Adam’s skill not only with sound design and mixing but music theory are on display to maximum effect here with every element of the tune given its own time to shine. This is Hardcore Trance at its very best.

   Adam Goodlet and Laura Jenkins -  'Just Breathe'

An atmospheric, cinematic introduction teasing in Laura Jenkins vocal erupts into trippy, breathy psychedelia transporting you to the beaches of Goa. The rasping bass serves as a strong counterpoint to the overall ambience of the track. It’s cleverly arranged and crisply produced.

Adam will be joining us for an exclusive Members livestream focusing on Psy Elements on the 2nd November 2021.

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