How to use Loopcloud

We’ve launched our Complete Guide To Loopcloud online course which is the definitive guide to Loopmasters essential music production tool.

Our online course is a 6.5 hour deep dive, covering everything from initial setup to much more advanced tips and techniques that push the software to the limit. We really wanted to get under the hood with this and make users realise just how much you can do with Loopcloud.

   Is Loopcloud worth it?

"Loopcloud is both easy to use and creatively engaging, making it a must-try for anyone who uses samples of any kind in their music." MusicTech

It isn't just about making sample discovery easier, it's about making the entire process more creative too. If you're not using Loopcloud currently, then working with samples is normally a laborious process of rooting through folders to find suitable sounds. With Loopcloud, it's just a case of typing what you want into a search box, or even browsing by audio characteristics like frequency, rhythmic density, stereo width and swing, then previewing all results in realtime within your DAW project, so you can hear exactly how the samples will sound in your session, whether you own the samples or not!

If you haven’t tried it yet or you are using an alternative like Splice, we think you’re missing out. Check out some of the cool things you can do with the software with the sample modules from the course below.... this first video runs through the basics of working with Loopcloud, finding suitable percussion loops to go with some beats made using Loopcloud Drum:

Loopcloud DRUM is a 16-pad drum sampler and sequencer plugin that comes for free in the Loopcloud software suite, giving you access to the largest and most diverse library of premium sounds, plus cutting-edge kits curated by top artists and exclusive labels. They recently increased Drum's factory library to include an extra 500 oneshots too, so you now get over 1000 drums to randomise and create instant, unique kits of your own! There's also a free instrument plugin called PLAY for making melodies, again with loads of instantly usable factory artist presets.

   Free instrument plugins and comprehensive loop creator

In addition to all the free plugs, the main Loopcloud app does much more than just DAW-integrated loop browsing and previewing; you also get a multi-track player and editor in the main app, which can be used to sequence oneshots into patterns, so they can be exported out as ready-made loops. In this movie, Rob shows techniques for creating filtered bass loops from oneshots, to explain how he made the bonus pattern presets that come for free with the Complete Guide course:

With nearly 120,000 bass oneshot samples in Loopcloud currently, these patterns provide vast numbers of instant loop creation possibilities!

   FX suite for processing samples

Looking to make your samples sound more unique? The Loopcloud app has built-in effects for processing any samples in the player. You can chop up loops and add FX with automation to really spice things up. If you’re not happy with your choice of sample, simply switch it out with a new one! The possibilities here are endless...

There are loads of FX to choose from with the possibility of chaining them together as you would in your DAW.

   Still thinking Loopcloud is just a sample browser?

Have a listen to this arrangement made purely in the Loopcloud app, using the 8 tracks in the player and some creative editing and FX techniques!


If this has peaked your interest, enrol on our Complete Guide To Loopcloud course today and start a free Loopcloud trial here.

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