Members Webinars Start 11th December 2019

On 11th December, we’re kicking off our Members Webinars with a detailed look at Loopmasters Loopcloud software, which is a free application that is revolutionising the way music is made with samples.

How often are the webinars?

Each month, Producertech members can join Senior Tutor Rob Jones for 2 webinars, which are live online workshops, both lasting over an hour. The content of webinars will vary from software-specific to generic techniques, applicable to all software, and will be selected in response to member feedback and requests.

How do members access the webinars?

Members receive a link to the webinar an hour before it begins, and simply click that to access the live stream, after which they can take part by viewing and also typing comments. The webinar begins at 17.00 UK time but will also be available after the event, should any members not be able to join in live.

What will be covered in the Loopcloud webinar?

The Loopcloud webinar will show how a groove can be built up within Loopcloud, by browsing, sequencing and editing samples, within the software’s multi-track player, all in the cloud! There will be plenty of exclusive tips and tricks for using the editor, so viewers can learn all the time-saving features that the software provides.


What will be taught in the following webinar?

The next webinar will be on Saturday 28th December, again at 17.00 UK time, and will be on Music Theory, specifically focussing on techniques for producers who prefer to use the mouse, rather than play a keyboard. The workshop will be an ideal supplement to the Beginners and Advanced Theory courses on the site, and will come with additional free materials.


As well as webinars, Producertech members receive fortnightly freebies, with December’s offerings being a free Ableton Live FX rack, a set of Massive X presets, and a collection of bonus MIDI patterns and samples, all accompanied by additional exclusive tutorials.

How do I become a member?

For more information on how to become a member, or sign up for the free trial, click HERE.

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