Music Production Courses For Beginners

So you’ve downloaded an Ableton trial and you’re ready to start making music but you don’t know how to. Maybe you’ve dabbled with FL Studio or installed Logic Pro.

Now you need to find music production courses for beginners online to help you become a music producer!

There are so many options it is hard not to get lost. Google will throw up literally millions of results. Premium one-off courses can be a good option but as a beginner, you might need to dip your toes into music production training before you dive in at the deep end.

You might even want to do some research on what some of the software does before you commit to it.

   Where To Start With A DAW

Youtube music tutorials are a good place to start.

There are plenty of great free tips and tutorials from Ableton and other Digital Audio Workstations (DAW for short) makers like Logic Pro, FL Studio (formerly known as Fruity Loops), Reason, Studio One etc. If you haven’t decided which DAW to use yet, watching feature explanations can help you get a feel for which software might be the best fit for you.

These handy beginner videos will get you started with understanding the basic features of each DAW

Learn Ableton Live

This playlist from Ableton goes through many of the basics as well as focusing on what everything actually does. Advanced in places but maybe a good starting point if you are looking for a comprehensive list of features. 

Learn FL Studio

FL Studio has a great YouTube channel with quite clear beginner work flow videos and some nice feature overviews. 

Reason Studio for beginners

 Another great YouTube channel with excellent beginner resources including a playlist of videos to get you up and running with the software. 

Studio One by PreSonus overview videos 

PreSonus’s YouTube channel includes some handy feature overview videos of this slightly less well known but feature-packed DAW. 

Cubase for beginners

You’ll find some useful “getting started” videos in this playlist on the Cubase YouTube channel. 

   Producertech for beginners

Producertech offers a range of online music training courses spanning different abilities. We have comprehensive courses that take you through different DAW’s, a variety of music production software, hardware, mastering and music theory.

To start off with, it’s probably best to go with one of our “beginner’s guides”. These courses offer an overview of a chosen DAW, how to get off the ground as well as offering some great tips on workflow. Understanding how to work creatively and in a technically sound way right from the beginning is going to help in the long run.

Level 1 - Beginners Complete Guide to Ableton Live

Level 1 - Beginners Complete Guide to Logic Pro

Level 1 - Beginners Guide to Reason

Beginner's Guide to Studio One 

Core courses from Producertech also offer up valuable insight on some of electronic music’s essential components.

EQ Fundamentals

The Art of Sampling

The Art of Filtering

Compression Fundamentals

Beginner's Guide to Synthesis 

Many of these courses are created and delivered by our senior tutor, Rob Jones. Rob is a classically trained musician and fully certified Ableton instructor with over a decade’s experience delivering college-quality music training.

We also have a hand-picked crew of expert tutors and producers from around the world also delivering award-winning masterclasses and tutorials.


   Become a Producertech Member #PTMembers

If you’re not sure which course you should take, a great way to sample online music training is with the Producertech All Access Membership.

There is a free 24 hour trial available which will give you instant, 24/7 access to everything on the website. You will also have access to the members area and exclusive bonus content.

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