Plugins: iZotope Neoverb

From the innovative brains that ingrained themselves into nearly every producer and engineer’s signal chain with Ozone and Nectar, iZotope’s latest offering is a reverb unit that is sure to find its way into your FX rack.

The guys are back with the ‘Exponential Audio technology powered’ ‘Neoverb’, and it’s undoubtedly the smartest reverb plugin we have ever seen.

The interface is super intuitive and well designed, you’ll find it easy to get started with very little fuss or reading up.

   What does it do?

Neoverb allows you to create truly customised and complex reverbs in just a few clicks. Just toying around with the blend pad you can hear the space and depth sound realistic, and clean.

You can place sounds quicker by choosing a blend of Reflections, Plate and Hall reverbs to get them sitting in the mix just right.

But Neoverb doesn’t stop there… You can also sculpt your reverb with its built-in EQ. Neoverb includes a Pre EQ and a Reverb EQ and this is the craziest part for me. Neoverb will listen to your track, calculate and suggest EQ and reverb settings for your sounds to sit better in the mix.

If you feel there are two parts competing in a frequency range, you can literally Match EQ; which will cut or boost where the frequencies are competing (all on the Neoverb interface).

This is going to clear up FX chains around the world; with no need for multiple EQs before and after standard reverb plugins. Plus think of all the time you will no longer have to spend, comparing and cutting competing sounds in the mixdown, because Neoverb does it for you in one click.

On top of all the innovative features, of course, Neoverb’s presets are extensive and expensive sounding! Coming standard with 100+ presets created by iZotope’s professional sound design team.

Watch our live stream with Neoverb's creator Udayan Sinha below. Look out for the Producertech Producer's Guide To Neoverb coming soon.

Check out discount deals on iZotope’s Neoverb here, and see if you’ll leave trial and error behind for a one-click fix.

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