Send music to record labels using LabelRadar

So you’ve finally started making music you’re happy with and you’ve put together a demo.

Now its time to send music to record labels and music industry influencers. It all seems so simple but the reality is reaching the right people at a record label and actually getting your demos heard has always been hard.

Feedback is rare and getting a response even as courteous as “thanks but no thanks” happens on the odd occasion.

There aren’t too many feelings as disheartening as sending a demo and then refreshing your email inbox every hour of every day for weeks until you eventually give up hope.

All of this may leave you wondering, is there a point sending music to record labels?

What if there was a middle man? What if there was a service out there that helped you get your demos in front of the right people?

Thanks to LabelRadar there is...


   What is LabelRadar?


LabelRadar streamlines the process of sending your music to labels, ensuring artists get a response to their submissions and actually know what is going on with their demos.

Currently trusted by some of the biggest independent labels in the world such as Armada Music, Monstercat, NCS, Dim Mak and many more, as well as subsidiaries of major labels like Warner and Universal, the platform offers routes into many of the best labels around.

When sending your music through LabelRadar, you are prompted to choose what you as the artist consider to be the best 20 second clip of your song.

This means you are in control of the first impression, for the first time ever. When a label listens to your submission, they will be taken to the 20 second section you chose, and if they like it, they can then listen to the full song and start a conversation with you.

Keep in mind that if you send an A&R at a label your Soundcloud link or a song file over email, they will simply skip to a random point on the waveform and listen for a few seconds from there, and that's assuming they actually listen to your demo in the first place, so you're not missing out by choosing the clip yourself.

In addition to connecting artists with record labels, LabelRadar also lets artists send their music to promoters (YouTube channels, blogs etc.), so it's not all about "getting signed" - you can also seek promotion for your self-releases too.

Even if getting signed isn't your main focus, they also run regular remix contests, sync briefs and other exclusive activations, giving their community of over 68,000 artists access to exciting career-accelerating opportunities. Some examples of previous opportunities include remix contests for the likes of Seven Lions, Celldweller, Sickick and many more, as well as the opportunity to get music placed into video games, live demo review sessions with the likes of Don Diablo, and more

Prizes range from cash to equipment and high profile releases, and there are plenty of success stories to reinforce how worthwhile it can be.


   LabelRadar success stories


‘LabelRadar was a game changer. It's the tool that allowed me to easily join labels even if I had no contact. I was able to sign my first track and that's when the adventure really started!’ - Max Brhon 


'It was always one of my musical goals to score a release on NCS, but it always seemed impossible without the necessary connections. Unfortunately I haven’t had any replies to the emails I sent. Then a year later, NCS announced that they started using LabelRadar - which I honestly speaking, initially was skeptical about. Still I gave it a try and started submitting demos through the platform - and received reactions for the very first times. After a couple of rejections, I scored a release “Redemption”. Now this release is one of my top releases and it’s gaining huge popularity. I am very pleased with NCS and happy that I used LabelRadar, which worked out perfectly as a gateway'. - Besomorph


‘LabelRadar really helped me starting out because it provided me with a unique way to get a foot in the door with bigger labels early on in my career!’ - Mo Falk


'I was in that place where it felt impossible to get my music out there, until I came across LabelRadar. Since I started using it, I got my first track signed within just a few days. That first track then got me on a roll and a few more of my tracks were signed, which raised my motivation significantly. LabelRadar helped me a lot to get to where I am now, and will certainly continue to help me achieve my future goals'. - Roy Knox


'LabelRadar is the best thing that could have happened to us. We never dreamed of getting our music on a big label. Today’s music industry is focused on bigger artists, but with LabelRadar everybody is given a chance with their 20 second demos. The notification system gives us a heads up to show when the labels are actually listening to the music. LabelRadar is a game changer because it’s truly built to help artists'. - Simbai


   How to use LabelRadar


LabelRadar is free to use, giving you credits (which renew each month) to use to submit your music to labels.

If you want to send more music, you can refer a friend, or purchase additional credits for $1 or upgrade to PRO membership, which gives you a load of credits, and has the added benefit of jumping your music to the top of the "listen queue", ensuring you get faster responses on your demos.

Producertech has teamed up with LabelRadar to offer 2 exclusive discount codes which give you a 20% discount and a 40% discount respectively:

Monthly discount code: 20OffProMonthly

Annual discount code: 40OffAnnualPro

Best of luck with your submissions!

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