Soundtrack to an AI Apocalypse

With AI capabilities reaching unbelievable new heights of late, there seems to be no end to the creative potential on offer and as we strive for simpler and cheaper workflows, humans become increasingly and disturbingly obsolete. 

ChatGPT, originally designed for online support, is now an invaluable tool for instant copy writing, lecture planning and even wedding speeches; Dall-E allows users to generate art that can be handled commercially, whilst causing occasional controversy as it sometimes ‘samples’ copyrighted materials in the process; Gen-1 is producing incredible new video content from images and providing tools that revolutionise the editing process; ElevenLabs’ Prime Voice AI is a next level service for making the most realistic and versatile speech software to date; Amper is one of many music generators with an ever growing library of songs made at the click of a mouse!

Where will it all end though? Are we to be relegated to mere moderators of AI systems that eventually become infinitely smarter than us and realise we’re no longer required? 

While we pondered that thought, we decided a nice distraction for Producertech Members would be to make a song about it! As such, the theme of our latest Member Assignment (activities that fill the gaps between our Remix Comps amongst other things) was an AI Apocalypse! 


Using one or more samples from Soul Rush Records superb A.I. Vocal Confessions pack, which explores the kinds of things helpers like Siri and Alexa might say if they acquired some level of sentience, Members were asked to compose music that conveyed a dystopian future where the robots had taken over. In addition to kudos from the community, the best track was also awarded Heavyocity Fury, an amazing distortion plugin for adding subtle warmth to waveform annihilation and everything in between!


Feedback on entries was provided in a Zoom session with Senior Tutor Rob Jones, where the winner Paddy Freethinker was announced. Check out some of the submissions in the playlist on the Producertech SoundCloud page…


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Big thankyou to Katarina Holmberg and Sophie Ruston for providing quality samples and also help with the judging!

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