Bundle - Level 1 + 2 Reason Beginners and Advanced Courses

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This combined course package provides students with all the knowledge necessary to start making music with Reason and to make the most of all the advanced features and workflow methods available in the software.

At the end of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of both the basics of Reason and how to make music with it, as well as advanced techniques for composing, producing and performing, encompassing numerous aspects of mixing and sound design.

Throughout the course, techniques are combined and applied to practical situations to show how technical knowledge can be used to take your music in new and exciting directions. Through learning new skills, students will be able to free themselves from technical restraints and enable a clear path to channel their creativity and artistic vision.

Courses in this bundle:

Reason Courses Level 1 - Beginners
Reason Courses Level 2 - Advanced