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Learn the basics of music production in just 7 days. Over an hour of certified trainer instruction each day, along with live Q&A sessions and supplementary courses.

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immersive, interactive training

Make your first track in 7 days

with Producertech's senior tutor, Ableton-certified and classically-trained musician, Rob Jones, enrolled students will quickly pick up the basics and learn all the skills required to confidently compose, arrange, mix and bounce your first finished track.

Song creation

Using Ableton Live, Loopcloud and a handful of plugins you'll learn the foundations of building a tune from scratch.

Sampling and sound design

Get started with 2 of the fundamental and most fun skills for any producer to learn, sampling and creating your own sounds!

Music theory

Learn the basics of playing chords and melodies with a crash course on music theory. It's not as scary as you think!

Mixing and FX

We'll teach you how to polish a track and finish it properly using some of the mixing and FX techniques the pros use.

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Learn the fundamentals with engaging classes

Course Schedule

Each day we'll be covering a different subject in detail, with supporting material and additional courses designed to supplement your learning.

Day 1

The groove lies at the core of every dance music track, and the foundation of the groove is made with the beat.

Day 2

The groove is only complete once bass has been added, day 2 is all about the fundamentals of bass.

Day 3

Now the groove is worked out, it's time to find the hook or riff to engage people and form the main musical idea of the track.

Day 4

With the groove and hook both complete now, we have the bare minimum required to lay out an entire arrangement, centred around breakdowns and drops.

Day 5

An arpeggio or arp is a classic type of lead sound in dance music for providing hypnotic rhythms. In day 5's session, you’ll learn many different ways of making arps

Day 6

Looking at the numerous types of FX sounds that can be used to fill out and add definition to an arrangement.

Day 7

This final day is dedicated to finishing up and mixing the track.

Beginner’s Guide to Beats Production

If you’re wanting to produce beats but clueless about where to start, this course is for you.

The Art of Sampling  

This course covers all of the core concepts of sampling, using a range of DAW factory and 3rd party plugin instruments, providing students with a fundamental understanding of how to confidently work with whatever samplers they own.

Beginner’s Guide to Music Theory 

This course is designed to help students with little to no knowledge of music theory get a solid grasp on the basics, to help with creating quality basslines, leadlines, hooks and riffs in their music.

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