Sampler Bass Patch Sound Design

  • Over 60 minutes of specialist tutorials
  • Master the incredibly powerful Sampler instrument
  • Learn how to create classic bass sounds
  • Access 24/7/365
  • Includes 5 free custom device racks

In this thorough course from acclaimed UK producer Seppa, you'll gain an unrivalled understanding of the powerful Sampler Ableton Live instrument. Riding high after the release of his dark and atmospheric Displaced EP, Seppa is a UK producer gaining a legion of fans for his exceptional ability to craft tracks infused with incredible moods and grooves.

Throughout the tutorials, Seppa demonstrates his mastery of Ableton's Sampler instrument, giving a comprehensive and incredibly applicable series that teaches all of the ins and outs of this powerful plugin, as well as demonstrating how to create some classic bass sounds that are guaranteed to find a place in your next track.

The course is available 24/7/365 after purchase and can be watched again and again. Complete with five free presets set up in device racks, this course will take your sound design skills to the next level. Check out the trailer and sample module now!


Modules in this course:

Module 1 - Overview Part 1 - Sample Tab Controls

Seppa introduces Sampler and starts working his way through the instrument, with a detailed look at the controls on the Sample tab.

Module 2 - Overview Part 2 - Pitch, Osc and Filter Envelopes

A thorough explanation of how the different envelopes on the synth work, including those that manipulate pitch, filter frequency and frequency-modulation.

Module 3 - Overview Part 3 - Modulation, MIDI and Zone Tabs

Sampler’s overview concludes with a look at the different modulation options, including MIDI assignment, and finally a guide to the Zones areas for sample mapping and selection.

Module 4 - Passing Thru Patch Construction

Some multiple stacked LFO modulation is employed to add life to a bass sample, shifting it’s pitch and timbre and entirely new character in the process.

Module 5 - Rotator Patch Construction

Notch filtering, shaping and some alternative modulation methods are utilised for this next patch, which make it undulate in a dark and menacing way.

Module 6 - Don't Trust Patch Construction

In this last patch, Seppa shows how to make a shorter stab, with briefer envelopes, which can become part of a multi-sampled patch, where the zones select feature allows switching from one sample to another for complex bassline creation.



Seppa (aka Duskky) has been producing professionally for the last 10 years on labels like Inspected, Automate and Wonky Records, as well as teaching for over 5 years, so is perfectly qualified for imparting highly technical audio wisdom of the bassy, twisted variety!