Pro Remixing Techniques #1 - Simon Shackleton

  • 2.5 hours of streamed lessons
  • Tips from World Class Remixer
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  • Ableton Live Project from the course
  • 100MB of Bonus House Samples

Remixing is a central feature of music production, allowing songs to be reformed into completely different genres from their own. The art form requires a lot of consideration and can be a delicate balancing act between new and existing material, in the attempt to stay faithful to the original track whilst creating something with your own unique sound.

In the first course of the series, Simon Shackleton joins the Producertech community to share his wealth of knowledge on the topic, having remixed the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Groove Armada and many more. On the course, he works through all of the main areas of focus, as he reworks the stems from Ellie Dixon’s Alt Pop Production Techniques course into a slamming House track.

After discussing a bit of history and some of the main objectives, Simon briefly reviews the provided material, before starting to work on the initial core of the remix. One of the bounced stems is used as the cornerstone, which is timestretched, reversed and processed with effects, to help mould it into suitable foundations for the groove. This is then enhanced with kick and bass layers to fill out the rhythm section and create the main drop section of the track.

Subsequent modules then look at how various melodic parts are treated, with vocal backing and piano lines becoming sweeping textural layers that seamlessly weave the original stems into the arrangement whilst adding the necessary stabs and FX. The main vocal also becomes the central idea in one section, with the remix’s intelligently selected tempo allowing for more options when it comes to time stretching and repitching.

The course ends with an explanation of how additional instruments can be incorporated, to deliver new melodic ideas and atmospheric content that improves flow and fills out the mix, before some final words of advice from Simon to wrap things up.

Enrolling on the course provides instant access to the streamed tutorials and the course project, as well as a bonus 100MB pack of House samples from Loopmasters; everything you need to get making quality House remixes today!

Before enrolling, take a listen to the track from the course...

Tackling tricky Vocal Stems in House Music

Course Breakdown

Module 1 - Getting Started
A discussion of remix history and main concepts, then looking at the source material and methods for working out how to proceed.
Lesson 1 - Intro - 6.45
Lesson 2 - Starting Points - 6.08
Lesson 3 - The Remix Parts - 9.27

Module 2 - Finding the Groove
A series of lessons focussed on getting the main hook nailed. This includes choosing the best parts and editing to make them work at the new tempo. There is also a demonstration of how effects application and automation can be used to further mould the parts to the groove.
Lesson 1 - Cornerstone Part 1 - 8.14
Lesson 2 - Cornerstone Part 2 - 9.28
Lesson 3 - Refining the Groove - 7.31

Module 3 - Kick and Bass Layers
A walk through the layering of kick and bass layers to complement the edited stems, laying solid foundations for the groove.
Lesson 1 - Enhancing the Groove - 7.06
Lesson 2 - Bass Reinforcements - 10.22

Module 4 - Vocal and Melodic Groove Elements
An exploration of how vocal and melodic content from the original can be adapted to fit in the new setting. Instrumental ideas are expanded through the addition of supporting synths.
Lesson 1 - Textural Vocals - 8.18
Lesson 2 - Finding Stabs - 8.18
Lesson 3 - Massaging the Ideas - 10.29

Module 5 - Developing the Groove
As the track develops, certain sections start to expand, through the addition of new bass phrasing and extra percussive layers, used to elevate the arrangement and add interest. Simon shows how stems can be used creatively to make new drum sounds from the source material.
Lesson 1 - Bass Expansion - 8.29
Lesson 2 - Rhythmic Layers - 15.23

Module 6 - Main Vocal
The main vocal is repitched and given its own section in the track, complete with supporting harmonies, to position the original artist at the centre of the remix, in the context of very different surroundings.
Lesson 1 - Lead Vocals - 10.37
Lesson 2 - Additional Vocals - 8.17

Module 7 - Final Stages
Some additional instrumentation is used to help maintain the groove and keep the arrangement flowing, before Simon wraps up the course with some final bits of advice.
Lesson 1 - Additional Elements - 8.11
Lesson 2 - It’s a Wrap - 8.00


Simon Shackleton aka Elite Force

Simon is a hugely experienced DJ and producer, with over 25 highly successful years in the industry. Having produced under a variety of aliases, notably as Elite Force and Zodiac Cartel, he has rocked dancefloors with his unique blend of Tech Funk, Electro and Breaks. Famed for both his technical prowess and exceptional creative capacity, he has received support from legendary DJs like Sasha and Fatboy Slim. His more recent efforts, however, are on a deeper, more melodic tip!