Breakbeat Production Techniques with Future Funk Squad

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Future Funk Squad (AKA Glen Nicholls) is a Dance Music and Sound Design icon and has been in the industry for over 20 years. He has released 3 albums to date: Audio Damage (2006), Disorders of Skill (2009) & the award-winning Darker Days (2014), and has remixed the likes of The Prodigy, Massive Attack, UNKLE, Nine Inch Nails, The Crystal Method, Hybrid to name but a few. Alongside this, he is a Sound Designer working in TV & Film, having produced music & sound for such projects as TNT’s The Alienist and many independent films, and frequently collaborates with Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams, who has scored many Hollywood blockbusters.

Joining us at Producertech for the first time, Future Funk Squad has created an all-encompassing crash course in writing, producing, mixing and mastering, that will take you from the drawing board to a professional arrangement in just a few hours.

Kicking off proceedings with some heavy break samples, chunky drums and funky basslines, he then begins to build out the track. Slowly adding more and more elements to enrich the music, he explains along the way when and how to use certain elements, like atmospherics, transitional risers, and what sort of frequencies these elements should be occupying.

He then begins to arrange the individual elements into something that resembles a track, experimenting along the way, and trying out a number of different options to optimise the impact and pacing of the song.

Future Funk Squad’s sound design and mixing expertise comes to the fore when he explains and demonstrates his mixing process, which involves committing to the arrangement by working with exported stems. He then finishes up with a quick-fire mastering tutorial and leaves you with a fully-finished, release-standard track.

Enrolling on the course gets you immediate access to the streamed tutorials, plus the Logic project from the lessons and a bonus pack of Breaks samples from Loopmasters. Enrol now to join Future Funk Squad in his studio and acquire fresh production knowledge and materials to start making quality Breakbeat tracks today!

EQ on the Master Channel - Pro Mastering Tips from Future Funk Squad

Course Breakdown

Part 1 Intro - Meet Future Funk Squad

Module 1 - Creating the Drums
Learn how to choose and process breakbeats, and layer them with your own oneshot samples to create a punchy, well-rounded drum track.

Module 2 - Developing a Bassline
Develop a bassline that compliments your drums, whilst learning the basics of a good, catchy bassline. Learn how to expand your bassline by layering it with other synth sounds.

Module 3 - Building out the Track
Use drum fills, arpeggiators and other rhythmic elements to fill out the rhythm section of the track.

Module 4 - Arranging
Begin to structure the tracks and elements in a way that starts to resemble a song.

Module 5 - Breakdown Elements
Using pads, risers, and drum rolls, make a breakdown and build up to connect two sections of a song and give your drops greater impact.

Module 6 - Further Arranging

Building out the second half and making sure the first verse works with the second.

Module 7 - Tidying up & Filling in the Gaps
Now the body of the song is made, time to start elaborating on ideas, polishing and adding transitional elements.

Intro Part 2 - Progress so far

Module 8 - Mixing and Building out the Arrangement
Starting to mix the track and identifying and troubleshooting particular areas. Adding and removing musical elements to address these problems.

Module 9 - Building out the Arrangement (continued)
Going through each track and working out problem areas within them and using dynamic processing (EQ, compressors) to correct issues.

Module 10 - Introduction to Mixing
Learn good habits for mixing. Bouncing out tracks to audio stems and mixing only in audio, in a new project.

Module 11 - Mixing & Mastering
In-depth coverage of creating the tonal quality of your track, through extensive use of compression, EQing and saturation.

Module 12 - Mixing & Mastering (Continued)
Delve further into mixing, using Limiters and Stereo Imaging, as well as Tape Saturation to balance out your track and reduce variability across different mediums.

Module 13 - Wrapping it Up
Final creative touches, with final EQing done to achieve desired sound. Rearranging the track to fit the new sound. Using Loudness Meters to achieve the correct commercial standards for streaming etc.


Glen Nicholls aka Future Funk Squad

Future Funk Squad is Producer/Remixer/DJ Glen Nicholls, who has remixed over 65 tracks, including artists such as The Prodigy, Mylo, UNKLE, Bomb The Bass, Yazoo, Moloko, Hybrid and many, many more.... His debut album 'Audio Damage' featured many top vocalists, including MC Mojo, Kirsty Hawkshaw & Tamra Keenan (Beber & Tamra). With well over 20 years of experience in the industry, he's now turned his hand to more educational endeavours, to pass on his expertise to the Producertech Community.