Singomakers Complete Psytrance Production

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Singomakers are one of the leaders of the Psytrance Music industry - their samples have been used in tracks of legendary artists like KSHMR, Marnik, Berg, Billx & Mat Weasel Busters, Blastoyz, Omiki and released on a world’s leading Psytrance labels like Iboga Records, DHARMA, Iono Music, TIP Records, Dragonfly Records, HOMMega Productions and performed at the biggest festivals around the world! Now, Singomakers are very proud to share with you their experience and knowledge.

This unique and absolutely exclusive Complete Psytrance Production Course contains more than 5 hours of videos, consisting of 37 lessons: the first 35 being sound design and mixing techniques for creating different psy elements, culminating in the final 2 lessons that show how to build a Psytrance track from scratch using those elements and then mix and master it. Learn the secrets of Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design, Creation of a Track From Scratch, Ideas for Inspiration and more!

In these tutorials you'll find many 100%-exclusive tips and tricks from the best Singomakers sound engineers, that you won’t find anywhere on the internet for free! You will also discover many tricks for how to make your sound Fat and Dynamic, Present and Powerful but Super-wide at same time; Loud, Clear, Diverse and Professional!

All chapters are available to purchase and ready to stream instantly directly from your account. Don't miss this ultimate chance to push your Psytrance music production skills and step up to the NEXT LEVEL!


**In these videos Singomakers are using plugins from Sonic Academy, Voxengo, Fabfilter, A.O.M. Factory, Xfer Records, Valhalla, Cableguys, Izotope, Reveal Sound, U-he, Native Instruments, Waves, Singomakers, Vital Audio, Ben Schulz, MeldaProduction, Vengeance Sound, zplane, SoundToys, A1AUDIO, Lindell audio, Sugar Bytes, Lexicon, Oeksound, MathewLane, Soundtheory but all this settings and tricks can be applied in any DAW to any other plugins.

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the sample. Loopmasters do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description.

Mantra Vocals Processing

Course Breakdown

Module 1 - Kick and Bass Fundamentals and Sound Design
A series of sound design and mixing techniques for creating Psy kick and bass, including different workflows that use various synths or samples.
Lesson 1 - Psytrance Kick Sound Design
Lesson 2 - Psytrance Kick Processing
Lesson 3 - Psy Bass Sound Design using Serum
Lesson 4 - Psy Bass Sound Design using Vital
Lesson 5 - Psy Bass Sound Design using Serum Wavetables
Lesson 6 - Psytrance Bass Processing
Lesson 7 - Gluing Psy Bass and Kick using Samples
Lesson 8 - Gluing Psy Bass and Kick using Synthesisers

Module 2 - Bassline Creation and Mixing
Combining the bass design elements from the first module, 2 examples of bassline creation are provided, along with a lesson showing how to add stereo width to bass.
Lesson 1 - Psy Bassline Creation Example 1
Lesson 2 - Psy Bassline Creation Example 2 (Triplet)
Lesson 3 - Adding Stereo Psy Bass Processing

Module 3 - Lead Sound Design
A multitude of sound design lessons for making Psy Leads with popular synths Serum and Spire.
Lesson 1 - Psy Lead Sound Design with Serum 1
Lesson 2 - Psy Lead Sound Design with Serum 2
Lesson 3 - Psy Lead Sound Design with Serum 3
Lesson 4 - Psy Lead Sound Design with Spire
Lesson 5 - Psy Chord Lead Sound Design with Serum

Module 4 - Vocal Processing
3 lessons that show how to add different vocals to the arrangement, including the editing and effects processing involved.
Lesson 1 - Mantra Vocals Editing and Processing
Lesson 2 - Shamanic Vocals Editing and Processing
Lesson 3 - Gated Vocals Processing

Module 5 - Synth Sound Design
A series of lessons showing how to build a range of classic Psy synth patches with Serum.
Lesson 1 - Meow Synth Sound Design with Serum
Lesson 2 - Zap Synth Sound Design with Serum 1
Lesson 3 - Zap Synth Sound Design with Serum 2
Lesson 4 - FM Synth Sound Design with Serum 1
Lesson 5 - FM Synth Sound Design with Serum 2
Lesson 6 - Acidized Effects with Serum

Module 6 - Designing Sequences
Several examples of how to make sequences, which are rhythmic patches that include complex filter modulation.
Lesson 1 - Making Sequences with Serum 1
Lesson 2 - Making Sequences with Serum 2
Lesson 3 - Making Sequences with Massive

Module 7 - Psy Leads Processing
Mixing techniques for making captivating and professional-sounding leads.
Lesson 1 - Psy Leads Processing 1
Lesson 2 - Psy Leads Processing 2

Module 8 - FX, Pads and Soundscapes
How to design atmospheric FX, pads and textures to underpin intros and breakdowns and establish the mood.
Lesson 1 - Old School Psy Vocal FX
Lesson 2 - Psy Trance Pads and Soundscapes

Module 9 - Fills and Build-ups
Lessons on making drum fills and how to create classic Psy Trance risers for breakdowns.
Lesson 1 - Creating Drum Fills
Lesson 2 - Constructing Build-ups 1
Lesson 3 - Constructing Build-ups 2

Module 10 - Track Creation, Mixing and Mastering
Using all of the elements made so far on the course, a complete track is constructed, showing all of the arrangement, processing and automation required to build a cohesive song.
Lesson 1 - Making a Psy Trance Track from Scratch
Lesson 2 - Mixing and Mastering



Singomakers are a professional sound design label, bringing you only the freshest sounds in the industry in a huge variety of genres and formats ready for your DAW. The team is made up of producers and engineers from across the globe bringing you only the very best up to date sounds and samples of professional quality.