Complete Guide to EQ

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After a string of successful mastering courses, Zeitgeist Mastering’s Nick D’Ombrain returns with another high quality, comprehensive course covering one of the most important aspects of music production, EQ.

Currently working as Zeitgeist Mastering’s head engineer, Nick has 17 years of experience in the industry, and has worked with some huge names in the world of dance music, such as Orbital and Sascha Braemer. Having also been affiliated with major production studios including Universal and EMI, his impressive credentials and detailed, methodical approach to teaching make him the ideal man to take you through the ins and outs of EQing.

The course features over 5 hours of in depth tutorials, focusing on the EQ process as a whole. The lessons range from the basic principles of EQing right up to some of the more advanced techniques such as linear phase EQ and dynamic EQ. The modules are packed full of audio examples in a variety of genres, and Nick showcases his EQing methods on a wide range of different DAW and 3rd party plugins, all the while clearly explaining the theory behind what he is doing. At the end of the course, you’ll be armed with the skills you need to create clear, professional quality mixes that sound great on any sound system!

The course is available to stream immediately after purchase and can be watched 24/7/365. Accompanying the videos are some of Nick’s very own graphical frequency reference charts, invaluable tools for any budding producer. For more information, check out the trailer and sample module on the media tab.

Understanding the Frequencies in a Sound - Free EQ Sample Module

Modules in this course:

Module 1 - Introduction

Nick kicks off the course with a quick introduction, explaining what EQing is and the reasons behind using it.

Module 2 - EQ Fundamentals

This module looks at the basics of EQing, including a clear explanation of the controls found on popular EQ plugins.

Module 3 - Using a Spectral Analyser

This video covers spectral analysers, taking a look at how they can be used to aid EQ decisions, and explaining concepts such as fundamental frequencies and harmonics.

Module 4 - Using other Aids

Nick takes a look at using other visual aids and graphs to help with making EQ decisions.

Module 5 - Finding Problem Frequencies and Sweet Spots

This video shows how to use harsh EQ boosts and sweeps to identify sweet spots, and frequencies that need to be removed.

Module 6 - Filtering

Nick takes a look at both high pass filtering and low pass filtering, explaining the theory behind them and how to use them to create space in the mix.

Module 7 - Kick Drum Fundamentals

This module shows how to EQ kick drums to give them weight and punch, and help them cut through the mix.

Module 8 - Multiple Kick Drums

Layering kick drums is a common technique, particularly in dance music, and this video teaches how to carefully EQ layers of kick drums to create a cohesive, clear sound.

Module 9A - Mixing Elements - Bass

In this module Nick takes a look at mixing bass, including tips on EQing harmonics to make your bass audible even on the smallest of speakers.

Module 9B - Mixing Elements - Bass and Kick

Nick teaches you how to mix the two key low end elements, bass and kick, in order to create a clear, tight low end.

Module 10A - Mixing Elements - Mid Range Elements

Continuing to focus on specific areas, this lesson shows how to carefully EQ elements such as synths, pads, guitar and FX, to sit above the low end.

Module 10B - Mixing Elements - Hats and Percussion

Nick shares some of his techniques for mixing some of the high end elements, to give the track real sparkle and presence.

Module 11A - Using Track Spacer

This lesson takes a look at Wavesfactory's TrackSpacer plugin, which can be used like a sidechain compressor to create space in the mix.

Module 11B - Using Match EQ

In this module, the highly useful match EQ is explained, and is used to analyse vocals, generating a frequency curve which can be applied to other elements in the mix.

Module 12 - Linear Phase EQ

This method of EQ avoids changing the phase relationship of signals, and its specific uses and drawbacks are discussed in this video.

Module 13 - Trick for Bigger Sounding Drums

Nick shares one of his top tips for adding warmth and punch to flabby sounding drums, using the Tube-Tech plugin.

Module 14 - Noteworthy Plugins

This module looks at a selection of the best EQ plugins on the market, discussing their various benefits and drawbacks.

Module 15 - Colour or Character Vs Transparency

Nick discusses the differences between EQ plugins that add character and transparent EQs that provide more sonic accuracy. The main uses for both types of EQ are also considered.

Module 16 - Mastering EQ

This lesson teaches some of the more subtle 'surgical' EQ techniques associated with the mastering process.

Module 17 - Dynamic EQ

In this module, Nick discusses the key principles and effects of dynamic EQ, and some plugins that can perform this function.

Module 18 - Mid Side EQ Techniques

The course concludes with a lesson on this powerful form of EQing, teaching you how to EQ accurately across the stereo field.

Bonus Module - Graphic EQs and Live Sound

As a bonus, Nick takes you through the ins and outs of graphic equalisers, and explains their benefits.

Bonus Module 2 - Extra Tips on Mid Side EQ



Nick D'Ombrain

The Head Engineer at Zeitgeist Mastering - Nicholas D'Ombrain - has over 17 years experience in the industry, and in this time he has worked for major production studios around the globe, including Universal & EMI, as well as being responsible for several international independent record labels. Nicholas is connected to well-renowned studios in London and several of the big guns around Berlin, including Manmade Mastering, so is well versed in studio life! Artists he has worked with include Alex Smoke, Orbital and Sascha Braemer. With a deep understanding of the world of mastering and a love for sharing knowledge, Nicholas makes an excellent tutor on the subject.