Part 3: Arranging and Mixing a DnB track

  • Join two Pro Producers in their studio
  • Over 3.5 Hours of Advanced Techniques
  • Includes the finished track from the course
  • Over 100MB of Loopmasters DnB samples included

Throughout this course, producers Chris Octane and Liam O'Mullane invite you to join them in the studio, where you can observe their methods and advanced techniques for creating a serious Drum and Bass groove. Currently producing as part of newly formed outfit 'colo[r]', Chris and Liam bring together a veritable mountain of experience in electronic music production, DJing and sound design. 

In the third and final instalment, the duo complete the the track - adding new melodic and rhythmic parts, creating FX sounds and vocal effects before completing the arrangement by creating a drop and extending the introduction. Next they move onto mixing, showing the incredible level of detail the pros go into when it comes to sound design and texture. Concluding the series is a module on mastering, where colo[r] show you how to reign in the transients, define the bass and add stereo wideness.

Available immediately after purchase, the videos can be accessed 24/7/365 as many times as you want, anywhere with an internet connection. In addition to the streamed movies, over 100MB of DnB samples from Loopmasters are included. For more information, check out the course trailer and sample module, or listen to the track from the course below.

Arranging and Mixing a DnB Track - Free Sample Module

Modules in this course:

Module 1: Refining the Main Section and Intro

Introducing the final installment of their course, Liam and Chris return to the track and start refining the main section. They tidy up the bassline, add new drum fills and improve the sound design.

Module 2: Creating FX sounds from vocal samples

Next, colo[r] create an FX sound from a vocal sample. They manipulate the original sound, utilise a vocoder and refine the automation, altering the interplay between the drums and the vocals in the main section.

Module 3: Adding additional melodic sounds

In the third module, Chris and Liam add variations in the melodic and drum parts to the Main and Intro sections. Utilising Analog, they create a brand new sound before warping drum parts - demonstrating the importance of focusing on the fine details of your sound.

Module 4: Creating drum fills

Returning to the arrangement, colo[r] add drum fills to the end of the introduction. Utilising existing elements of the track, they create a fill that hints at future sections, sequenced using the Ableton Push. They then return to the drum fills in the main section, altering the timings.

Module 5: Adding a new synth part

In this module, colo[r] add a new FM synth part using NI FM8, demonstrating how to manipulate the fine tuning by connecting multiple oscillators. They then add FX and processing, including the filtered HAAS effect setup from Part 1 and build it into a device rack.

Module 6: Creating the breakdown

In module 6, colo[r] extend the arrangement and move on to the breakdown section. Returning to the main part, they add additional bass melody variations using pitch shift automation and new atmospheric parts to create an evolving texture that builds suspense before the drop.

Module 7: Revamping the Intro

Returning to the introduction, colo[r] extend the length of the parts, slowly ramping up the texture - giving a sense of excitement that is enhanced by the reverberant and atmospheric sound that characterises the track. They apply filters and add new percussion and drum parts that further add to the timbre of the track.

Module 8: Finishing the arrangement

In the final arrangement module, colo[r] finish refining the different parts before creating elegant filter sweeps on noise parts, contributing to the huge texture.

Module 9: Mixing

Proceeding with a fast and efficient mix, colo[r] focus on the drums and bass. They add an EQ synced to different parts, altering the EQ in real time depending on what other parts are playing to create a hugely energetic sound. Homing in on individual instruments, they add compression and EQ to sit the parts together.

Module 10: Mastering

Completing the track, colo[r] demonstrate a quick home master using a harmonically exciting EQ from UAD before moving on to using iZotope Ozone 5 for multiband limiting and stereo width.



Colo(r) is a production duo that brings together two of the most respected names in Drum and Bass.

Chris Octane is well known for creating expressive, experimental Drum and Bass as part of Octane and DLR, and Cymatic. His production partner Liam O'Mullane is also well versed in the scene, DJing under his TST alias and also working as a music production tutor at SSR.