Pro Dubstep Tips & Tricks - Building 'Dave'

  • nearly 90 mins of pro tips and tricks
  • streamed lessons - access 24/7/365
  • bonus dubstep samples pack

Mainstays of the Dubstep scene, BAR9, are the latest huge EDM act to invite the Producertech community into their studio, to share their production secrets.

In this set of tutorials, they break down the Dubstep Anthem 'Dave', which opened Never Say Die's BLACK LABEL XL compilation - giving you an incredible opportunity to get inside the heads of one of the leading producers in the genre.

The videos are available 24/7/365, immediately after purchase on the whole range of Mac, PC and Mobile devices, and there's even a bonus Dubstep samples pack courtesy of Loopmasters. To get a feel for the course, check out the module excerpt on the media tab, and listen to the slamming track from the course!

Making Fat Snares in Dubstep - Excerpt from a BAR9 Course

Modules in this course:

Module 1 - Kick Drum and Mix-Bus Processing

Module 1 discusses the drums and how they are processed and mixed, including some sample editing and parallel processing tips. The lesson focuses mainly on kick drum techniques.

Module 2 - Analysing the Main Drum Components

In the second drums module, BAR9 spend time discussing the individual parts of the kit and their impact on the overall sound, before moving on to creative mixing that push your drum sound to the max.

Module 3 - Completing the Beats

In the final section on drums, BAR9 discuss the cymbals and explain how they add extra width to the sound using free plugins. They then talk about processing the drum group as a whole, with some specific tips on making the drums louder without destroying

Module 4 - Sound Design I - Building the Intro

In this module, BAR9 give a detailed breakdown of how they created the huge-sounding introduction, demonstrating how they made each instrument and the additional effects and processing.

Module 5 - Sound Design II - Creating Additional Parts

In the second sound design module, BAR9 talk about the additional parts that build up the texture. Covering leads, basses, vocals and effects, this module gives an insight into the techniques utilised in many of their tracks.

Module 6 - Sound Design III - All About Bass

One of the most important components in a Dubstep track, the bass, is given a detailed commentary as BAR9 work through each individual sound, explaining how they created them and the processing chains used to give that dirty, booming bottom end.



Known for their hard-hitting, dancefloor-destroying dubstep sound, BAR9 have stormed dance charts worldwide. After bursting on to the scene in 2008, they've built up an impressive back catalogue including remixes for the likes of Example and Nero, as well their own singles such as 'Piano Tune' and 2013's 'DAVE', which they deconstruct in their Producertech tutorial.