Recording with Real Instruments in Reason 7

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Producertech are happy to announce a brand new course on Reason 7 by Jared Meeker, a professional musician and composer who's performed with LA hiphop artists like Nate Dog and the Eastsidas, Snoop Dogg and Myka Nine, and has a string of sound design credits that include Dexter and Smash. In this comprehensive set of tutorials, Jared shows how to record and process live parts, like the guitar lines that form the basic structure and embellish the song, as well as focusing on the 5 major elements of composition - melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre and form.

The lessons teach a wide variety of subjects, including instrument programming, numerous mixing and production techniques, creative audio editing and also many of the new features in Reason 7, like the Audiomatic Retro Transformer and the updates to the main mixer.

Signing up to the courses not only allows unrestricted 24/7 access to the tutorials for as long as you need but also means you can download the Reason song file made throughout the course and a whole load of extra bonus samples from the Loopmasters packs used in the movies.

Recording and Producing for Musicians in Reason 7 - Intro to the Course

Modules in this course:

Module 1 - Introduction

This movie provides an introduction of the course and the track that is made throughout it, explaining the content of each lesson and the subjects that are covered.

Module 2 - Setup

This movie gives an explanation of the Template Session Jared likes to work with as the basis for his songs, showing how it was created by adding a whole host of different Creative and Studio FX to use as inserts and on return tracks on the mixer.

Module 3 - Creating the Beats

In this module, Jared works with Octo Rex, initially by loading a selection of different drum loops into it, and then by editing and resequencing the loops to make original beats that form the rhythmic foundations of the track.

Module 4 - Adding Guitar and Pads Harmonies

This lesson shows how Jared jams with the beats to record in guitar and pad parts that create the heart and soul of the song. There is also an explanation of the chords used throughout and how the song develops harmonically.

Module 5 - Creating the Bassline

Jared then plays in the bassline for each section of the track, working with the harmony and beats, in order to solidify the main groove.

Module 6 - Drum Programming

In this module, Jared programs additional beats using Kong, to fill out and fatten up the drums in the track.

Module 7 - Creating Brass Accompaniment

This module shows how totally unique brass parts can be created by importing audio loops, then slicing, stretching and transposing them to work with the song.

Module 8 - Glockenspiel and Transitional FX

In this module, Jared plays in further melodic accompaniment in the form of a glockenspiel part, to add some extra textures and character to different sections of the track. FX sounds are then applied to help with the transitions, which are similarly done

Module 9 - Additional Guitar Parts

In this lesson, Jared records in extra guitar parts over the track, either to double sounds like the bass, or to add virtuosic, improvised phrases.

Module 10 - Mixing and Conclusion

In this final lesson, Jared demonstrates how to readjust levels, equalisation and the overall mix to achieve the optimum sound. Other effects processing is also carried out, including making use of Reason 7's new Parallel Channel feature.


Jared Meeker

Jared is an LA based guitarist, composer and composer, with a background in music education. He has composed both original works and music for TV, and has also performed with hip hop stars such as Nate Dogg, Myka 9 and Snoop Dogg.