Maschine Hip Hop and Trap Beat Design

  • Over 90 minutes of specialist tutorials
  • Take your drum production skills to the next level
  • Access 24/7/365
  • includes Maschine projects, groups and samples

Powerful, energetic and vibrant drums are the foundations of every great track. In this course, Brighton based producer CAPSUN invites you into his studio to share the secrets behind designing, sequencing and mixing unique catchy drum parts for a variety of styles, using Native Instruments Maschine.

CAPSUN is a well respected figure amongst producers, known for his meticulous sound design skills which have seen him release a slew of highly successful sample packs with Loopmasters, Native Instruments and his own CAPSUN Pro Audio Label. He also has a string of successful productions under his belt, with releases on Stripes Records and electronic music giant All Trap Music.

In the following lessons, CAPSUN takes you through the process of designing all of the percussion elements in a track. Beginning with the sound design of each individual part, CAPSUN creates each component and then demonstrates his drum and percussion processing workflow. He sequences and plays in drum patterns and finally adds a melodic part to demonstrate a starting point for a full track, using the Maschine hardware heavily throughout.

Available immediately after purchase, the course can be streamed 24/7/365 anywhere with an internet connection. The course also comes complete with a selection of samples courtesy of Loopmasters for you to use in your own productions. Make sure to check out the sample module and course trailer now!


Sample Module from CAPSUN Hip Hop & Trap Beat Design Course

Modules in this course:

Module 1: Intro

To begin, Capsun introduces the course.

Module 2: Layering Kicks Part 1

In this module, Capsun demonstrates how to layer and process multiple different drum sounds, including sounds from the Maschine drum engine and processed samples, to create a powerful and original kick sound.

Module 3: Layering Kicks Part 2

Next, Capsun begins creating the second kick, starting with a dirty and distorted 808 sample and some Foley, which he combines and edits. He then processes the new sound to create a dirtier, synthetic kick sound.

Module 4: Creating a Future-Bass Snare

In Module 4, Capsun demonstrates how to create a Future-Bass style tonal snare, used by the likes of Jack U, Diplo and DJ Snake. He combines several tonal samples and processes them, adding the resulting sharp and percussive sound to the drum kit.

Module 5: Creating a Trap Snare

In the next module, Capsun creates a percussive snare sound, beginning with a well known Alesis trap snare sample. He cleans up the sample and adds additional processing, widening the sound, before adding it to the drum kit.

Module 6: Creating a Clap Group

In Module 6, Capsun demonstrates how to create a stack clap sound, by layering different styles of claps from his sample packs. He discusses playing in the claps to create a more natural sound, which he then resamples and processes.

Module 7: Creating a Live Sounding Hi-Hat

Next, Capsun moves on to the hi-hats. He starts by demonstrating how to turn a clean hi-hat loop into a crunchy and live-sounding breakbeat style hi-hat sample.

Module 8: Creating an 808 Style Hi-Hat

In this module, Capsun creates open and closed versions of an 808 style hi-hat, using Maschine's drum synth.

Module 9: Creating Percussion Elements Part 1

In Module 9, Capsun discusses creating your own percussion loops. He begins by creating a tambourine sound which he pitch shifts and processes.

Module 10: Creating Percussion Elements Part 2

In this module, Capsun discusses creating your own library of Foley sounds to layer into your drums.

Module 11: Creating Percussion Elements Part 3

In the final percussion elements module, Capsun creates a reverse cymbal from scratch, demonstrating how he produces this iconic sound which he then tweaks to make his own.

Module 12: Overview of the Drum Sounds

In Module 12, Capsun goes back over all of the drum sounds that you've created so far. He tidies up the sounds, editing the ADSR envelopes and adjusting the levels of each individual element.

Module 13: Programming a Sequence

In this module, Capsun demonstrates how to create drum sequences by inputting MIDI notes. He layers up the different parts, explaining how to edit the sequences to prevent them from sounding robotic.

Module 14: Playing in a Sequence

In Module 14, Capsun demonstrates how to play in a similar pattern using the hardware. He demonstrates how to align the hits and then adds additional percussion parts.

Module 15: Next Steps

In the penultimate module, Capsun discusses his approach to processing the drum group. Next, he adds some melodic parts, demonstrating how he'd start building a track.

Module 16: Outro

In the final module, Capsun concludes the course.



Jay Pulman aka CAPSUN is a singer, producer and sound designer based in Brighton, UK. Combining classic songwriting with forward thinking bass music, he has established himself with a prolific output of originals, remixes and written songs. As a sound designer, he has produced best-selling sample packs, official Maschine Expansions with Native Instruments, Sound for Akai MPC, and heads up sample label CAPSUN ProAudio as Creative Director.