Melodic Deep Tech House and Techno Arrangement (Part 2)

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This tutorial series is an epic journey through the production of a Melodic Deep Tech House/Techno track, covering every aspect of the process along the way, from initial conception to final mixdown (this course is part 2, on arranging, with creation of sounds and mixing/mastering covered in full in parts 1 and 3, respectively). Leaving no stone unturned, the producer Simon Shackleton reveals all of the sound design, audio editing, effects processing, music theory and mixing techniques, so that students receive all the knowledge required to produce professional quality music of their own.

Simon Shackleton has been producing professionally for 25 years, going under aliases such as Lunatic Calm, Zodiac Cartel and Elite Force. His music has received support by DJs across the globe and been featured in films like ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘The Matrix’. Renowned for his meticulous nature, eloquence and ability to produce heavy but musical dancefloor tracks, Simon is the ideal tutor for this course.

In the first part, Simon provides a thorough guide to the creation of every part in the track, from drums, bass and leads, to vocals, pads and FX. An assortment of Loopmasters samples are used for the job, carefully sculpted and layered together, with occasional synths employed for melodic parts. Part 2 then continues the journey, with a detailed look at working the parts into a full-on organic arrangement, which is mixed down in part 3.


Signing up to the course gives immediate 24/7 access to the streamed tutorials, as well as the Live project from the course, whilst users of all music software can benefit from the 130MB pack of bonus audio samples. Before signing up, check out the free sample module and listen to the track from the course on the Producertech SoundCloud page, for examples of the high standard of tutorial and music quality you can expect from the course. Sign up today to jumpstart your production skills and get on the road to creating Melodic Deep Tech House or Techno anthems of your own!

Pro Arrangement Techniques - Melodic Deep Tech Course Sample Module

Module 1 - Arrangement Discussion
A detailed explanation of the core principles and goals when it comes to arranging a track, as well as how to prepare and consolidate a project.
Lesson 1 - Introduction to Arrangement - 4.35
Lesson 2 - Arrangement Principles - 7.22
Lesson 3 - Session Review and Consolidation - 11.32

Module 2 - Track Intro Arrangement Part 1
The arrangement is kicked off, with drums and percussion positioned accordingly, a new reverb send effect added and a reverse reverb FX custom made.
Lesson 1 - Objectives - 4.26
Lesson 2 - Laying Down Rhythms - 9.11
Lesson 3 - Reverse Reverb FX - 8.47

Module 3 - Track Intro Arrangement Part 2
The intro is completed, with the addition of the main pad and vocal ambience, automated along with other parts to build suspense and interest. Finally, some FX and percussion are incorporated, and a kick fill made, to lead into the first mini breakdown.
Lesson 1 - Spot Reverb and Reverse Kick - 8.13
Lesson 2 - Vocal Ambience and Pad - 10.47
Lesson 3 - Additional Percussion, FX and Fills - 10.14

Module 4 - First Drop
The first breakdown leading to the initial drop is constructed, first by selecting the key component to form the basis and then embellishing with numerous impacts and risers, mostly custom made from existing parts.
Lesson 1 - Deciding on Main Feature - 8.23
Lesson 2 - Impacts and Risers Part 1 - 11.28
Lesson 3 - Impacts and Risers Part 2 - 14.18

Module 5 - Main Groove Part 1
The main groove after the first drop is arranged, laying down the parts, editing, automating and embellishing with FX.
Lesson 1 - Groove Development & Master Channel Automation - 11.50
Lesson 2 - Adding FX and Completing the first Groove Section - 6.30

Module 6 - Secondary Drop, Dovetailing Sounds
The mini break and second groove sections are continued, adding the main pad, which is automated to rise and fall in level and frequency, whilst FX are brought in and the bouncing lead is re-introduced, then edited and continued into the groove section.
Lesson 1 - Pad and Vocal Automation - 17.16
Lesson 2 - Stepping Back & Adding FX - 10.53
Lesson 3 - Developing the Bouncing Lead - 10.19

Module 7 - Main Groove Part 2, Section Blending
Simon continues the groove and adds new and existing melodic material to work towards the main breakdown.
Lesson 1 - Continuing the Groove - 8.38
Lesson 2 - Recording a New Arp Lead Melody - 12.01
Lesson 3 - Oberheim Synth and High Frequency Perc - 14.11

Module 8 - Main Breakdown, Ethereal Overload
As the track spills into the main breakdown, melodic parts are woven together and expanded into a vast chasm. Simon shows his techniques for bridging the gap between the simpler drop section and more harmonically complex final drop.
Lesson 1 - Main Melodies and FX - 17.34
Lesson 2 - Oberheim and Pad Development - 17.58
Lesson 3 - Blending the Key Change - 19.51

Module 9 - Climax Groove, Bells and Whistles
In the final straight, the track pulls out all the stops to deliver an almighty climax! Automation is ramped up and additional melodies and FX incorporated.
Lesson 1 - Sequencing and Automation - 15.30
Lesson 2 - Extra Melodies and FX - 13.46

Module 10 - Final Groove, Playing Out
The penultimate groove section is constructed, to take us from the climax groove to the outro, winding down the arrangement but keeping the energy going. (11.21)

Module 11 - DJ-Friendly Outro
The last part of the track is put together, with a constant mind to the needs of the DJ, creating an outro that is easy to mix. (13.00)

Module 12 - Final Tweaks & Attention to Detail
Simon’s meticulous approach to production is further illustrated as he combs the project for faults in need of correction, and analyses the arrangement as a whole, tweaking levels and automation as he goes, to complete the track.
Lesson 1 - Arrangement Analysis and Correction - 13.37
Lesson 2 - Tweaking Sounds & Improving Transitions 1 - 13.14
Lesson 3 - Tweaking Sounds & Improving Transitions 2 - 7.29


Simon Shackleton aka Elite Force

Simon is a hugely experienced DJ and producer, with over 25 highly successful years in the industry. Having produced under a variety of aliases, notably as Elite Force and Zodiac Cartel, he has rocked dancefloors with his unique blend of Tech Funk, Electro and Breaks. Famed for both his technical prowess and exceptional creative capacity, he has received support from legendary DJs like Sasha and Fatboy Slim. His more recent efforts, however, are on a deeper, more melodic tip!