Bundle - Ableton Beginners Complete Music Production Collection

  • Bundle containing 7 courses
  • 35 hours of video tutorials
  • Stream videos directly from our site
  • Written Notes
  • Assignments
  • Live Projects
  • 500MB Bonus Samples

This massive bundle combines the Music Production Essentials Collection (6 Courses) and the Beginner’s Guide to Music Production in Ableton Live, to give producers a complete package for learning production with Ableton Live.

The Ableton guide covers all the basics of working with Live, from first steps right through to exporting a final arrangement. The Essentials Collection then extends this by delivering comprehensive lessons on each of the core mixing, sound design and music theory areas that’ll extend your skillset and help take your music to the next level.All courses are taught by Producertech Senior Tutor and Ableton Certified Trainer Rob Jones.

Included in the bundle are the following 7 Courses:

Beginner’s Guide to Music Production in Ableton Live
Master the basics of working with audio and MIDI in Live to help with building beats, making backing tracks, performing and producing your own music.

EQ Fundamentals
Learn to competently apply EQ in your music, understanding fully what frequencies make up a sound and how to shape them to improve your mix.

Compression Fundamentals
Get to grips with the basics of compression, as well as learning about sidechain options, peak and RMS detection, parallel processing, multi-band compression, and lots more!

The Art of Filtering
From standard static filtering, right through to dynamic, modulated frequency shaping, this course will cement your understanding of this crucial audio effect.

Beginner’s Guide to Synthesis
Learn the basics of sound designing with a range of popular synths, to enable easier patch editing and creation of your own presets from scratch.

The Art of Sampling
The core concepts of sampling, getting you fully up to speed with the common controls and how to use them to design drums, leads, basses and more.

Beginner’s Guide to Music Theory for Producers
Become confident with scales, intervals and chords, to help with making basslines and other melodic accompaniment in the key of your music.

Purchasing the bundle gives you immediate access to the 35 hours of streamed tutorials, along with the supporting materials included in each course, such as written notes, software projects, practice sessions, assessments and bonus samples. All in all, a huge package to ensure the highest quality learning experience!

Check out the individual course pages (links on the Contents tab) for more details, where you’ll also find sample lessons for each course to watch before signing up.


Rob Jones

Rob is a classically trained musician, with piano as his primary instrument, and obtained a degree in music and sound recording (the prestigious Tonmeister course) from the University of Surrey. Having honed his skills both at University and in the studios in London where he worked in a technical role, he began releasing music on labels like Lot49, Dead Famous and Erase, under the artist name Anarchy Rice. Rob has been at the forefront of music software training since the very beginning, having kicked things off at Focusrite back in 2006. With both classical music and technical sound qualifications, as well as a wealth of presenting experience, he is ideally suited to the role of an online music trainer, and is 100% dedicated to sharing his knowledge and assisting others with what he believes to be one of the most rewarding things in life - making music!