Future Funk Production Techniques

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Combining the best elements of Funk, Neosoul and Disco, Future Funk is a highly engaging style of music that delivers a deeply human touch, whilst also satisfying the need for an electronic punch! Hailing from Australia but now residing in Berlin, producer Jafunk not only captures the true spirit of the style but also possesses an innate ability to describe his music making process in an accessible and captivating way. In his debut Producertech course, he takes you through a workflow where he builds up beats and melodies using sampling and synthesising techniques, to create a Future Funk arrangement from scratch.

Jafunk has been producing music for over a decade, bringing out numerous releases on Unity Records and working with artists like Mark Knight, Chromeo and Fabich. Many of his tracks have accumulated millions of plays on Spotify, with his uplifting style creating buzzing tracks with mass appeal. Alongside this, he has produced a number of sample packs for Loopmasters and even found time to teach as well. As is obvious from the course, he’s a natural teacher and has no problems communicating his workflow, despite delving into some of the more theoretical sides of production.

The course begins with a look at how Jafunk makes beats, as he builds up all of the main drums and percussion. Particular attention is paid to the sequencing, as he applies subtle randomness and variation, whilst multiple layers are used to create a massive sound. He then moves onto the melodies, describing some of the fundamental aspects of coming up with a Funk or Soul chords progression, and how all of the different accompanying instrumental parts are made from that. Once all of the sounds are in place, he uses a subtractive process complete with various automation to create the arrangement.

Signing up to the course provides immediate access to over 2 hours of streamed tutorials, along with a download of the course project and even a bonus samples pack from Loopmasters. For more info, check out the sample module from the course, as well as a bounce of the arrangement, which can be found on the Producertech SoundCloud page. Furthermore, the Producertech Membership provides access to this course as well as all others on the Producertech site, in addition to weekly livestreams from tutors including Jafunk, and lots more!

Creating Future Funk Bass with Jafunk

Course Breakdown

Module 1 - Main Drums
In this first module, Jafunk sequences the main drums using samples from Loopcloud and also programming Addictive Drums. He layers up kicks, snares and hats, and shows his methods for mixing sounds and achieving the best balance of naturalness and electronic precision.
Lesson 1 - Creating the Kick & Snare - 8.42
Lesson 2 - Laying down Hats - 7.29
Lesson 3 - Additional live Hats Layer - 7.38

Module 2 - Percussion
Continuing to build up the groove, Jafunk imports and edits various loops to add energy to the rhythms, and then uses multiple clap layers with clever sequencing and processing to create a solid beat.
Lesson 1 - High Frequency Percussion - 8.10
Lesson 2 - Multi-layered Claps - 9.00

Module 3 - Drum Mixing
A guide to the various effects used to fatten up the Drum Buss, including compression, parallel compression, saturation and bass maximisation.

Module 4 - Creating Musical Parts
After a lesson that outlines the different musical techniques for coming up with Funk and Neosoul chords sequences, Jafunk composes all of the melodic elements, including rhythmic leads, soft pads, funky wahwah lines and more.
Lesson 1 - Concepts and Theory - 9.57
Lesson 2 - Main Chords and FX Stab - 7.40
Lesson 3 - Layering up Pads - 11.55
Lesson 4 - Wahwah Lead, Strings and Shrill Melody - 13.10
Lesson 5 - Synth Group Processing - 3.41

Module 5 - Bass
Jafunk explains the different approaches to making a bassline, from a simple root note style up to an elaborate dancing melody that improvises on the scale. Notes are recorded in and then edited to tighten the groove.

Module 6 - Arrangement
Using a subtractive approach, Jafunk builds the different sections of the song from all the elements, starting with a very minimal intro, leading into the first breakdown and drop. He then adds variation with post chorus sections, verses and a main breakdown.
Lesson 1 - Intro and Drop - 10.29
Lesson 2 - More Drops and Verses - 12.45


Hailing originally from Australia, Jafunk has brought the sunshine to Berlin with his uplifting and highly musical production, centred around Funk and Soul. His professional endeavours have included releasing music on Unity Records, including a number of tracks with several million streams on Spotify, and working with artists like Mark Knight, Chromeo and Fabich. His production experience, musical style and natural teaching abilities are all very much at home in the Producertech community.