Making Samples Your Own

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With sampling techniques forming the basis of so much of today’s music, having a trusted sample collection to hand is a great way of speeding up your workflow and defining your sound. On this course from experienced producer and sound designer Seppa, you’ll learn an abundance of methods for modifying samples in various ways, to polish the sound or create completely unique textures of your own.

The course begins by transforming a vocal sample into an atmospheric FX soundscape using parallel delay chains and spectral resonance, as well as a modified version that maintains more of the character of the original sample. A regular piano is then used as the source for a modulating, filtered lead, perfect for the intro or breakdown of a track.

Seppa then builds an effects chain for processing various drum breaks, to tend to the dynamics, transients and spectral content, so they’re 100% ready for dropping into a track. On a more radical note, simple drum oneshots are run through multiple randomised devices to completely mix things up and produce endless captivating moments, ideal for making interesting fills and adding excitement to an arrangement.

There are also lessons on rhythm-mapping, where the dynamics of one sample are used to shape the frequencies of another, creating a DIY vocoder-style effect. Whether you’re looking to make the most of your samples, acquire some new inspiration for sound design without synthesisers, or improve your knowledge of audio effects processing, this course will deliver a wealth of techniques to up your game!

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Module Excerpt - Vocal Transformation

Course Breakdown

Module 1 - Introduction to the Course
Seppa introduces himself and then talks about the course goals and content.
Lesson 1 - Meet the Tutor - 01.03
Lesson 2 - About the Course - 06.13

Module 2 - Transforming a Vocal into an Atmosphere
Seppa shows how to turn a vocal into a deep and atmospheric soundscape using multi-layered delays, MIDI-controlled spectral resonance and dynamics control. He then makes a separate recording that preserves the original pitch and timbre of the vocal.
Lesson 1 - Making Vocal Atmos FX - 31.11
Lesson 2 - Straightening up the Vocal Textures - 08.58

Module 3 - Piano Manipulation
Some techniques for transforming a simple piano sample into a mutating, shimmering textural loop, ready to be dropped straight into the intro or breakdown of a track. Processes involve parallel enveloped filtering, vinyl distortion and modulating delay.

Module 4 - Processing Breaks
Seppa shares his mixing and FX processing methods for polishing and beefing up a number of live drum loops, with EQ, compression, gating and transient enhancement, to create instant breaks for adding to your personal sample library.

Module 5 - Applying a Rhythm from one Sample to Another
How to make a DIY vocoder-style effect by modulating one sample with another, to create a complex, rhythmically-shifting pad.

Module 6 - Making the Most of Oneshots
A guide to processing regular drum oneshots to create a diverse array of unique and captivating hits and FX to drop straight into your tracks. Both factory and 3rd-party devices are used, with multiple stages of M4L randomisation employed for maximum creative output.

Module 7 - Final Words
A few final comments from Seppa.



Seppa (aka Duskky) has been producing professionally for the last 13 years on labels Slug Wife, Inspected, Automate and Wonkay Records, as well as teaching for over 5 years, so is perfectly qualified for imparting highly technical audio wisdom of the bassy, twisted variety!