Psytrance Production in Logic Pro

  • Acessible 24/7/365
  • Over 3 hours of advanced techniques
  • Bonus hour-long final tweaks movie
  • Logic project from the course
  • 100MB of bonus psytrance samples

Psytrance is one of the most distinctive styles of electronic music, characterised by its psychedelic, spiritual atmosphere and high tempo, driving rhythms. This new course from Re:Creation provides all the knowledge needed to create your own futuristic psytrance tunes from scratch.

Adam Goodlet has been creating music for over 15 years and currently operates the Re:Creation studio facility in the UK, which provides music production, video editing, online mastering and tuition services. He produces both under his OverSoul and Re:Creation aliases, with the latter being a live act focusing on genre-bending psychedelic music. As Re:Creation, Adam released his acclaimed Infinite Expansions album, with the title track hitting #4 on the Beatport psytrance chart. Re:Creation continues to be a creative outlet for some of the most forward thinking psychedelic music out there.

In this set of tutorials, Re:Creation shares with you his extensive knowledge of psytrance production, making an epic track from start to finish. The first few modules show how to create the basic elements; kick, bass, percussion, evolving pads and futuristic glitchy lead sounds, with a focus on getting the best out of Logic Pro X plugins Alchemy and ES2. The later modules then go on to discuss the arrangement, using a multitude of advanced automation techniques and effects to blend sections together and create variation. The course concludes with an hour-long bonus module featuring Re:Creation tweaking the mix to produce a professional-sounding end result.

The course is available to stream immediately after purchase and can be watched 24/7/365. Accompanying the tutorials is the Logic project and 100MB of bonus psytrance samples, courtesy of Loopmasters. For more information, check the trailer, sample mod and track from the course, all on the media tab.

Making a Psy Lead - Sound Design Tips from Re:Creation's Course

Modules in this course:

Module 1 Intro

Re:Creation kicks off the course by discussing the content in the upcoming modules.

Module 2 Getting Started

This lesson shows how to download the Bazzism plugin, and the basic setup for the Logic Pro X Project.

Module 3 Kick and Bass

This module teaches how to synthesise kick drums in the Bazzism plugin, and how to create a classic psytrance bassline using Logic?s Retro Synth.

Module 4 Percussion

Re:Creation adds a shuffling stereo hi hat pattern, a classic 909 snare and a gritty percussion loop.

Module 5 Lead Synths

This video shows the creation of four different lead sounds using both ES2 and alchemy, in order to create interesting and varied phrases. The leads are processed with a combination of reverb and delay.

Module 6 Creating a Pad with Alchemy

In this module, Re:Creation guides you through the sound design processes involved in making an evolving pad with the powerful Alchemy synth.

Module 7 Main Lead

This lesson walks you through the creation of a heavily modulated lead synth sequence in Alchemy.

Module 8 Mixdown Tweaks

With all the leads now in place, Re:Creation tweaks the mix, including adding parallel compression to tighten the drums.

Module 9 Risers and White Noise

This module teaches how to make two common psytrance effects in ES2, the riser and filtered white noise.

Module 10 Adding Interest to Leads

Revisiting the leads, some processing is added to add more unique character to the sounds, including distortion and delay designer.

Module 11 Arrangement Part 1

With the main basis of the track in place, Re:Creation starts to create an arrangement, showing how to use filter automation in order to fade in elements of the track.

Module 12 Intro Arrangement part 1

This module gives some tips and tricks on structuring the intro for the track, including automating delays to blend sections together.

Module 13 Intro Arrangement part 2

This video shows how to create audio bounces from sections of the lead part, and chop them up with automation to create interesting sounds and effects.

Module 14 Developing the Lead Sounds

A ringshifter effect is added to the intro lead, and the main lead is bounced down and sliced up to create interesting glitchy effects.

Module 15 Automating the Leads

Re:Creation adds more automation to a multitude of effects parameters, creating more complex variation in the lead parts.

Module 16 The Drop

This module teaches how to structure the drop, adding an extra pad layers and a thunderous sub in order to ensure maximum impact.

Module 17 The Second Drop

In this lesson Re:Creation takes a look at creating an effective second drop, ensuring it varies from the first.

Module 18 Wrapping Up The Arrangement

The main structure of the track is completed with a few tweaks and the addition of some reverse reverb effects to smooth the transitions between sections.

Module 19 Mix and Master

With the arrangement complete, Re:Creation takes a look at cleaning up the mix with the use of EQ and compression. The module also discusses some quick mastering tips using the adaptive limiter.

Module 20 Bonus Module

This hour long bonus module gives you a chance to see Re:Creation tweaking the track even further, adding some new sounds and processing to really take it to the next level.


Adam Goodlet

Having produced psychedelic music for over 15 years, Adam has become renowned for pushing the boundaries of sound design to create futuristic, and technically impressive music. He also runs the Re:Creation studio facility, and has become an expert in music tuition and mastering.