Producer's Guide to DIY Mastering

  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • 2 Hours of tutorials
  • Ableton Live and Logic Pro X mastering templates
  • 18-page Mastering Guide pdf

Following on from his successful Psytrance course in Logic, Producertech has invited Adam Goodlet back to create this new set of tutorials, this time focusing on the DIY mastering process. The course teaches his 8-step process, with individual lessons that demonstrate each technique with built-in DAW effects, in addition to an ‘ear training’ bonus module that uses 3rd party plugins to master a track in realtime.

Adam Goodlet has been creating music for over 15 years and currently operates the Re:Creation studio facility in the UK, which provides music production, video editing, tuition and his Really Good Mastering online service. With a wealth of experience, and a reputation for creating powerful, wide and warm masters, Adam is well equipped to share his knowledge with the Producertech community.

The course is an in-depth guide to the DIY mastering process. Kicking off with an explanation of what mastering is, Adam then proceeds to break down his mastering process into easy-to-follow steps. The modules cover a variety of essential mastering techniques, from EQing to achieve spectral balance, to multiband dynamic processing to produce a tight low end and crisp highs. At the end of the course, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to create loud, punchy and powerful mastered tracks that will sound massive on any speaker or sound system.

The course is available to stream immediately after purchase and can be watched 24/7/365. Accompanying the videos is an 18-page mastering guide pdf, and both an Ableton Live and Logic Pro X mastering template, using solely the DAWs’ own effects, giving you direct access to Adam’s personal mastering chain for your own usage. For more information, check out the trailer and sample module on the media tab.

Master Channel Dynamics Processing - DIY Mastering Course Sample Mod

Modules in this course:

Module 1 - Introduction

Adam gives a brief introduction to the course.

Module 2 - What is Mastering?

This module looks at what the mastering process is, and how to know when a track is ready for mastering.

Module 3 - File Preparation

This video looks at file preparation, explaining the considerations that need to be made regarding file format, headroom and rendering.

Module 4 - The Mastering Process

Adam explains the 8 steps to his mastering process.

Module 5 - Analysis

This lesson explains the importance of carefully listening to a pre-master at a comfortable volume and listening environment

Module 6 - Headroom

In this module, the concept of headroom is explained and its importance in the mastering process is discussed.

Module 7 - Stereo Balance Pt. 1

This video looks at using mid/ side EQing to achieve a desirable stereo spread at certain frequencies.

Module 8 - Spectral Balance Pt. 1

In this module, Adam makes further use of precise EQing to balance out the frequency spectrum of the track.

Module 9 - Dynamics

This module takes a look at using compression and multiband dynamics processing to ensure that the desired dynamic range for the track is achieved.

Module 10 - Stereo Enhancement

In this video, Adam delves deeper into the stereo considerations of mastering, taking a look at how to make a track sound good in both stereo and mono.

Module 11 - Spectral Balance Pt. 2

Adam adds some post-dynamic EQ to correct the spectral balance, ensuring that the low end sounds big and warm and the highs aren't too harsh.

Module 12 - Output Volume

This module shows the use of limiting to achieve the required output volume, including some tips on using a series of limiters.

Module 13 - 3rd Party Plugins

This module takes a look at some popular 3rd party mastering plugins from the likes of Slate Digital and FabFilter.

Module 14 - Dithering and Output

The course concludes with a look at how to bounce the final master, taking into account file type, bit rate and dithering.

Bonus Module 1 - Mastering Walkthrough

This module shows Adam conducting the entire mastering process in Logic Pro X with a variety of 3rd party plugins.

Bonus Module 2 - Logic Template

In this second bonus module, Adam briefly guides you through the Logic Pro X mastering template that comes free with the course, featuring only stock plugins.


Adam Goodlet

Having produced psychedelic music for over 15 years, Adam has become renowned for pushing the boundaries of sound design to create futuristic, and technically impressive music. He also runs the Re:Creation studio facility, and has become an expert in music tuition and mastering.