Singomakers Presents Drum & Bass Production Course

  • 5 hours of streamed tutorials
  • Access 24/7/365
  • Tips on Arrangement, Sound Design, Mixing and Mastering
  • 30 Serum Presets
  • 90MB DnB Samples

Producertech are happy to present another course from quality label Singomakers, on ADVANCED Drum & Bass Music Production!

5 Hours of Secrets and Tips for Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design, Creation of a Track From Scratch, Ideas for Inspiration and more!

Here you will discover many tricks on how to make your sound Fat and Dynamic, Present and Powerful, how to create Catchy Arrangements and unique and interesting Sounds!

In these videos Singomakers are using plugins from Sonic Academy, Voxengo, Fabfilter, A.O.M. Factory, Xfer Records, DMGAudio, Sample Magic, Valhalla, Softube, Audified, D16, Cableguys, Eventide, Arturia, Izotope, Camel Audio, Kush Audio, UVI, Reveal Sound, U-he, IK Multimedia but all this settings and tricks can be applied in any DAW to any other plugins.

In detail expect to find 33 Episodes – 5 hours of video tutorials, including:

  • 26 Sound Design Videos (creation of Basses, Leads, Pads, Kicks, Snares, FX and more)
  • 3 DNB Drops & Track Arrangement from Scratch videos
  • Phat Bass Processing Video
  • Mixing DNB Basses
  • Drum & Bass Beats Dynamics
  • Drum & Bass Mastering Video

Don’t miss this ultimate chance to improve your Drum & Bass music production skills and step to the NEXT LEVEL!


Serum (for all sound design modules) - a good knowledge of the synth is recommended

a DAW e.g. Ableton Live or Logic Pro - a competent ability is recommended so techniques can be easily replicated

Sample Module - Bass Sounds Design 01

Bass Sound Design 01

Course Breakdown

Drum Sound Design
Some lessons showing different methods for designing kicks and snares.
Lesson 1 - Designing Kicks with Sonic Academy Kick
Lesson 2 - Designing Kicks by Layering Samples
Lesson 3 - Designing Snares with Serum
Lesson 4 - Designing Snares by Layering Samples 1
Lesson 5 - Designing Snares by Layering Samples 2

Creating Drum Loops
3 separate lessons constructing drum breaks from individual drum oneshots.
Lesson 1 - Drum Loop 1
Lesson 2 - Drum Loop 2
Lesson 3 - Drum Loop 3

Bass Sound Design
Numerous examples of designing bass using software synth Serum.
Lesson 1 - Bass Design 1
Lesson 2 - Bass Design 2
Lesson 3 - Bass Design 3
Lesson 4 - Bass Design 4
Lesson 5 - Bass Design 5
Lesson 6 - Bass Design 6
Lesson 7 - Bass Design 7
Lesson 8 - Bass Design 8
Lesson 9 - Bass Design 9
Lesson 10 - Bass Design 10

Lead Sound Design
4 examples of lead sound design with software synth Serum.
Lesson 1 - Lead Design 1
Lesson 2 - Lead Design 2
Lesson 3 - Lead Design 3
Lesson 4 - Lead Design 4

Pad Sound Design
2 lessons on designing FX with software synth Serum.
Lesson 1 - Pad Design 1
Lesson 2 - Pad Design 2

FX Sound Design
2 lessons on designing FX with software synth Serum.
Lesson 1 - FX Design 1
Lesson 2 - FX Design 2

Creating Arrangements
3 lengthy sessions building arrangements using all the sounds made so far on the course.
Lesson 1 - Drop & Arrangement 1
Lesson 2 - Drop & Arrangement 2
Lesson 3 - Drop & Arrangement 3

Mixing and Processing Bass
2 lessons showing techniques for improving your bass.
Lesson 1 - Mixing Basses
Lesson 2 - Phat Bass Processing

Additional Tips & Tricks
Some advice on processing beats and mastering your track.
Lesson 1 - Beats Dynamics Processing
Lesson 2 - Mastering Tricks



Singomakers are a professional sound design label, bringing you only the freshest sounds in the industry in a huge variety of genres and formats ready for your DAW. The team is made up of producers and engineers from across the globe bringing you only the very best up to date sounds and samples of professional quality.