Bass Mixing Techniques

  • 90 minutes of specialist tutorials
  • Learn how to mix bass with Live devices
  • Access 24/7/365
  • Includes 10 free FX racks

In this thorough course from acclaimed UK producer Seppa, you'll gain an unrivalled understanding of how to process and mix bass to create a professional sound using only Live's built-in effects. Riding high after the release of his dark and atmospheric Displaced EP, Seppa is a UK producer gaining a legion of fans for his exceptional ability to craft tracks infused with incredible moods and grooves.

Following his individual courses on Live's Suite instruments, Seppa now embarks on a quest to teach the main stages of bass processing involved in filling out and fattening up a patch, whilst also making sure no unnecessary artefacts are present. Effects covered include Erosion, Overdrive, Filtering, Multiband Dynamics and of course Compression and EQ, with both insert and parallel processing techniques shown.

The course is available 24/7/365 after purchase and can be watched again and again. Complete with 10 free FX rack presets, this course will take your bass mixing skills to the next level. Check out the trailer and sample module now!

Adding Reverb to Bass - Bass Mixing Techniques Sample Module

Modules in this course:

Module 1 - Sound 1 - Intro and Multiband Overdrive

Seppa introduces the course and begins working with his first sound, analysing the spectrum and applying some multiband overdrive.

Module 2 - Sound 1 - Multiband Filtering and Driven Erosion

Additional movement and textural shifts are applied using parallel filter bands and overdriven erosion effects.

Module 3 - Sound 1 - Final Processing

The Final Squeeze is applied to the bass patch, to maximise dynamics, whilst some EQ tends to any remaining issues across the frequency range.

Module 4 - Sound 2 - Intro and Creative Filtering

Seppa uses parallel notch and band-pass filtering techniques to process the relevant portions of the frequency spectrum, to add interest and colour whilst preserving the sub.

Module 5 - Sound 2 - Amp Distortion and EQ

Extra grit is applied using Amp Simulation, to carefully treat the top end, before corrective EQ removes all the unwanted artefacts.

Module 6 - Sound 2 - Width

3 techniques for boosting the dimensional perception of the bass, including mid/side processing and application of various static and modulating delays.

Module 7 - Sound 2 - Multiband Dynamics and Reverb

An easy way of fattening up the bass using Live presets, followed by a comprehensive guide to using Live’s Reverb to process the patch.

Module 8 - Sound 3 - Intro, EQ and Overdrive

The final sound is introduced and some EQ and stacked overdrive effects applied, to shape it and create additional high frequency layers.

Module 9 - Sound 3 - Reverb

Tips for working with Live’s Reverb, including arguments for running in parallel in a rack, as opposed to regular insert processing on the device chain.

Module 10 - Sound 3 - Compression and Limiting

Seppa creates his Final Squeeze rack on the fly, showing some useful techniques for working with Live’s Glue Compressor and Limiter.



Seppa (aka Duskky) has been producing professionally for the last 10 years on labels like Inspected, Automate and Wonky Records, as well as teaching for over 5 years, so is perfectly qualified for imparting highly technical audio wisdom of the bassy, twisted variety!