DnB Melodies & FX Masterclass

  • Pro Tips from DnB Legend Reso
  • Nearly 2-hours of Melodies & FX Production Tips
  • Logic Project from the Course
  • 15 Bonus EXS24 Presets
  • 100MB Bonus DnB Samples

The third part in this trilogy of courses from one of DnB’s most talented producers and educators, Reso, sees him giving a masterclass on arranging, with a focus on melodic elements and FX. The 90 mins of streamed tutorials come complete with the Logic project from the course and a bonus 100MB pack of DnB samples from Loopmasters.

The course begins with a wealth of tips for how to build the foundations of an intro and breakdown, using mostly existing drums and bass elements from the drop, edited and processed in various ways. Reso then provides a detailed guide to creating, sequencing and processing different melodic phrases and FX, in order to produce a harmonious progression that develops musical themes whilst adding the necessary suspense and growing tension. As well as learning an abundance of sound design, mixing and arranging techniques, entirely with Logic’s instruments and effects, Reso even imparts his process for setting up the master bus, to create a mix-ready track for playing out.

Signing up to the course provides immediate access to well over 90 minutes of streamed tutorials, whilst the completed Logic project from the course can be downloaded for further scrutiny, or to use as a template for producing your own tracks. Furthermore, there are additional samples with the course, so you have not just the knowledge to create professional arrangements of your own, but a number of instant materials to use to do so. Before signing up, listen to the arrangement from the course on Producertech’s SoundCloud page, embedded below.

Sample Module - Creating a DnB Chord Stab

Course Breakdown

Module 1 - Intro Drums
In this module, Reso takes you through his techniques for structuring an intro and build up, showing how existing and new drums are processed and arranged, to lay down the foundations for the start of the track.
Lesson 1 - Course Intro - 4.03
Lesson 2 - Intro Drums 1 - 13.23
Lesson 3 - Intro Drums 2 - 8.19
Lesson 4 - New Percussion & Booms - 8.50
Lesson 5 - Cymbals - 2.59

Module 2 - Intro Bass
Reso continues to explore the introduction, showing how the main bass grooves from the drops are slowly introduced into the arrangement, to create an exciting build up and intimate at themes that develop fully later on.
Lesson 1 - Intro Bass 1 - 5.23
Lesson 2 - Intro Bass 2 - 3.06
Lesson 3 - Intro Bass 3 - 3.35

Module 3 - Melodic Elements
The first of the melodic modules, where Reso shows how brass elements and an arpeggiated synth are conceived, then used to embellish the drums and bass with musical parts to heighten tension and create a harmonious build up.
Lesson 1 - Brass - 9.08
Lesson 2 - Arp Synth - 7.41
Lesson 3 - Arp Synth Layers - 4.24
Lesson 4 - Chord Stab - 5.37

Module 4 - FX
Reso explains how the FX that punctuate the intro and drop are created, either from samples or synthesisers, processed with a number of effects, to produce impacts, risers and fillers, to add to the drama and fill out the arrangement.
Lesson 1 - Impacts and Risers - 5.54
Lesson 2 - Atmos and Builds - 4.32

Module 5 - FX and Mastering
More techniques for sequencing, editing and processing parts in the arrangement, to create energy, variation and interest, as well as some tips on producing a rough master for playing out.
Lesson 1 - Final Edits - 7.46
Lesson 2 - Mastering - 5.52



Drum and Bass artist Reso is renowned for the technical quality and musicality of his productions, which have seen releases on labels such as Civil Music and Hospital Records. Reso happily shares his expertise and industry insight in his Logic Pro tutorials, which are unmissable for any budding drum and bass producer.