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One of the most challenging aspects of electronic music production is the bottom end of the mix. When producing any styles, but especially the louder or harder ones, a thorough understanding of bass frequencies is essential if you want to deliver a track with a professional sound that packs a punch whilst sounding clean and clear.

Producertech’s resident Bass Music specialist has stepped up to create a comprehensive masterclass on the subject. With 15 years plus experience as a producer, record label boss and tutor, he brings a wealth of knowledge, conveyed in an articulate manner that’s easily accessible to all.

If you want to learn what the frequencies at the bottom end entail, to understand how sub frequency fundamentals and harmonics are created and managed in various styles of popular music, this course is for you!

The lessons go from the very top, with an explanation and analysis of bass frequencies, combining with various sound design examples that show how to make sub and full range bass patches on 2 of today’s most popular synths: Vital and Phaseplant. (All techniques are transferrable to other synths like Serum, Massive or DAW factory instruments.) Seppa then provides a module dedicated solely to the relationship between kick and bass, showing several different approaches to making them work harmoniously in the mix.

The second half of the course then moves onto genre production, looking at how bass is handled in Dubstep, House and Drum & Bass. A number of different bassline approaches are included, with sustained sub bass patterns contrasting with longer, more melodic phrases with punchy transients, to show the differences between the two. The lessons then wrap up with a summary of sub levels on the master channel in all three styles, giving a guide to the main objectives to aim for.

Enrolling on the course provides instant access to 5 hours of streamed tutorials, along with the projects and stems from the lessons, so you can more closely inspect the course material if you need to. Sign up now to start learning from the best, becoming a sub bass master and tightening up your mixes today!

Creating Subby Basslines for D&B - Mod 7 Lesson 1 Excerpt

Seppa introduces the course, explaining the subjects covered in the modules and the importance of sub bass when producing electronic music.

Module 1 - Bass Frequency Breakdown
A detailed guide to frequencies at the bottom of the spectrum, including fundamentals and harmonics, and the techniques used to produce and control them.
Lesson 1 - Sub & Harmonics Part 1 - 15.16
Lesson 2 - Sub & Harmonics Part 2 - 13.28

Module 2 - Sub Bass Design
2 lessons showing how to make sub patches in two of the most popular synths on the market today: Vital and Phaseplant.
Lesson 1 - Making a Sub Patch in Phaseplant - 7.42
Lesson 2 - Making a Sub Patch in Vital - 15.08

Module 3 - Full Range Bass Design
A pair of lessons showing how sub knowledge is applied when designing full frequency range basses, again in Vital and Phaseplant.
Lesson 1 - Applying Sub Knowledge to Full Range Bass Design - 17.08
Lesson 2 - Designing Full Range Basses in Phaseplant - 20.13

Module 4 - Bass and Kick Relationship
Making the kick and bass work together is hugely important in producing a solid mix. This module explores the main ways of ensuring this relationship is fruitful.
Lesson 1 - Mixing Bass and Kick Part 1 - 26.18
Lesson 2 - Mixing Bass and Kick Part 2 - 24.34

Module 5 - Dubstep Production
The first of 3 modules looking at the handling of sub bass in popular genres, starting with Dubstep.

Module 6 - House Production
The second of the genre modules, this time looking at how bass is handled in House music. 2 separate lessons deal with 2 styles of bassline, with one simple, pounding sub and the other a lengthier, melodic phrase.
Lesson 1 - House Production Part 1 - 26.40
Lesson 2 - House Production Part 2 - 19.54

Module 7 - D&B Production
The final genre module covers D&B, with 2 different basslines explored in separate lessons again; the first a sustained sub pattern and the second a melodic phrase with punchy transients.
Lesson 1 - D&B Production Part 1 - 28.00
Lesson 2 - D&B Production Part 2 - 20.01

Module 8 - Sub Level in the Mix
A guide to the kind of sub levels you should be aiming at on the master channel when producing each of the genres.

Seppa wraps up the course and signs off.



Seppa (aka Duskky) has been producing professionally for the last 13 years on labels Slug Wife, Inspected, Automate and Wonkay Records, as well as teaching for over 5 years, so is perfectly qualified for imparting highly technical audio wisdom of the bassy, twisted variety!