Pro Techno Tips and Tricks - 'Catacomb' Walkthrough

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Learn the secrets behind creating powerful, high quality techno with this new course from Producertech tutor Paul Maddox. As one half of production and DJing duo Spektre, Paul has released a slew of hit records over the years, and these tutorials walk you through one of Spektre’s latest releases - ‘Catacomb’.

Since forming Spektre, alongside Filthy Rich, Paul has seen worldwide success. Their uncompromising and dark take on techno has won them admirers including the likes of Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and James Zabiela. As well as releasing music via their own Respect Recordings label, the duo have also put out records on the likes of Phobiq and Unity Records.

On the course, Paul provides a clear and in depth guide to the track ‘Catacomb’. He starts off by dissecting the drums and low frequency bass elements, explaining everything from choice of samples and MIDI programming to effects and processing. Paul then proceeds to guide you through the rest of the track, taking a look at the uplifting chords, trance-inspired breakdowns and atmospheric vocals that make ‘Catacomb’ such a dancefloor weapon. Throughout the modules there are a host of useful production tips and tricks, making this course a must for any budding techno producer looking to make professional sounding tracks.

The course is available to stream 24/7/365 after purchase. For more information, be sure to check out the course page.

Pro Techno Drum Tips - Catacomb Walk-through Sample Module

Modules in this course:

Module 1 -Intro and Kick

The course begins with a listen through of the completed track, before Paul takes a look at the kick drum, explaining his choice of sample and processing using a selection of Live devices and 3rd party plugins.

Module 2 - Percussion Part 1

This module focuses on the hats and drum synth clap, with Paul explaining his choice of programming to create an interesting groove.

Module 3 - Percussion Part 2

The remaining percussive elements are discussed including the ride, automated snare fill and crash.

Module 4 - Drums Group Processing

This video takes a look at the effects rack used to process the drums, a combination of parallel saturation and compression that glues the elements together.

Module 5 - Bass Elements

In this tutorial, Paul focuses on some of the low frequency elements, including a rumbling effect and a filtered kick drum acting as the bassline.

Module 6 - The Main Lead

Paul deconstructs the main rave-inspired chord part, made with Bazille. The tutorial also shows the in-depth automation that provides interest and variation throughout the track.

Module 7 - Lead Doubling and Group Processing

This video features a useful trick, involving doubling the lead part with a short, percussive sound to add more punch. The group processing on the lead part is also explained.

Module 8 -Orbital Style Lead

Paul walks through the creation of a trance lead inspired by Orbital, with clever use of Ableton’s chord effect to thicken up the sound. He also discussed the processing, making use of Native Instruments and UAD plugins.

Module 9 - Stretched Lead Pad

This modules shows the creation of a pad, using a time stretching plugin to manipulate the original Orbital style riff.

Module 10 - Vocals and FX

This video discusses the vocal part, with Paul offering some useful tips on using Mixed in Key to select the right vocals for a track. He then talks through the choice of FX, including risers and splashes which thicken out the track.

Module 11 - Arrangement

The course concludes with the final arrangement, and the processing on the master channel.


Paul Maddox

Paul has been at the forefront of hard dance consistently since he was dubbed 'one of clubland's hottest properties' at the tender age of 16. Since then, he has continued to be one of the most respected producers on the scene, going under a number of successful guises, such as Abandon, Azure, O.G.R, Barely Legal (with Guyver) and Olive Grooves, and has collaborated on dozens of all-conquering anthems with the biggest and best in hard dance music. Collaboration with Filthy Rich on their Spektre project has seen his work released on Renaissance and Umek compilations, with support from DJs such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire and James Zabiela. With a wealth of professional production and DJing experience, a passion for teaching and a highly technical knowledge of Ableton Live, Paul's courses are packed with useful tips and tricks to take your house and techno tracks to the next level.