Improve your Music Theory skills in our next Webinar

For our second Members Webinar, on 28th December, Rob Jones will be demonstrating a number of techniques for producing melodic parts in a track, working purely inside the DAW, with no additional MIDI keyboards or controllers. This will be a realtime session, building up a Deep House/Broken Beat track, where attendees can interact with Rob, as well as download all the materials from the session afterwards.

The workshop will pick up on and expand many of the concepts from Rob’s recent Beginners and Advanced Guides to Music Theory, such as how to choose a relevant scale and so key signature, by entering notes into the piano roll. Then, how to work with the ‘scale template’ to form basslines, chord sequences, arpeggiated phrases and more.

Once a solid groove has been created, Rob will show how to develop it in the arrangement to form breakdown and bridge sections, modulating to different keys if appropriate and adjusting musical phrases and motifs accordingly where necessary. By the end of the webinar, students will have acquired a load of new tips for how to create melodic content in their production, and had the opportunity to ask questions on the topic.

To attend the theory webinar, simply sign up for Producertech membership by starting the free 24 hour trial, entitling you to access all the courses on the site, as well as any webinars and exclusive tutorials.

For more information and to sign up, click here.

In the meantime, here's an excerpt of Rob creating a melodic Liquid DnB groove, so you have an example of the sort of thing to expect:

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