Last Chance Fast Track 2024 Event

For one final time, Producertech will be giving complete beginners a chance to learn intensively via their assisted 7-Day Fast Track programme. For a week at the beginning of March, senior tutor Rob Jones will guide students through the course, stepping in with several Zoom sessions to provide additional support and steering students towards their end goal of completing an arrangement. 

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How does the Fast Track event work?

At the start of the week, students are provided with a code for unlocking all the tutorial content, which includes the Fast Track tutorial containing 7 days of lessons (8 hours in total), as well as 3 supporting courses - Beginner’s Guide to Beats Production, Beginner’s Guide to Music Theory and The Art of Sampling (5 further hours).

On Day 1, an introductory Zoom session allows students to meet Rob and ask any questions, as he explains how the week works, talks about the objectives of each day and shows some examples of directions to go in. Students then begin working through the Fast Track tutorials, dipping into the supporting courses if required and asking questions whenever they get stuck.


Half way through the week, Rob is once again available on a Zoom session to check progress and show some additional techniques that are often useful at this point through the course. If students have sent questions over email, it also provides an opportunity to work through these in a realtime teaching environment. Then, at the end of the 7 days, there’s a wrap up Zoom session that gives students a final chance to engage with Rob and get help with any issues they’ve been having.

Once the course has finished, tracks can be submitted to Rob as soon as they’re ready, after which he’ll provide extensive feedback and then recommend areas to improve and learning material to help with that. All 3 Zoom sessions are available as downloads to add to the 13 hours of tutorial content, which can then be accessed at any point in the future by anyone who takes part.

Is this the first Fast Track event?

No, Producertech have done several of these already over the last 2 years with great success. It’s always a fun event and a good way to immerse yourself intensively in a learning activity and work out if it’s really something you want to take further. Students who’ve attended the week have been impressed by the outcome and the fact that they’ve managed to create their first track so quickly. Having an interactive learning experience with clear objectives and deadlines to work to is the best way to ensure progress is made!

Here’s what one attendee Walter had to say about the week…..


Do I need any previous experience to take part?

No. It’s been designed for absolute beginners, so even people who are totally new to production will be completely fine. If you are computer illiterate, it could be challenging, but as long as you have some ability to install and use software apps on a computer then you should have no problems following along.

Furthermore, for anyone completely new to production, we’ve got a FREE COURSE on the absolute basics to help you get started.

Is this the last Fast Track event?

Yes, it may well be the last one in this format, certainly for some time! Sign up now to take advantage of this last chance offer!

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