Massive X Exclusive Presets

This week, we’re dishing out 10 free Massive X presets to all Producertech Members, along with an exclusive 15-min tutorial running through some great techniques for working with the powerful Routing section.

One of the biggest releases this year in the soft synth world was a big update to a standard in most producers’ plugin collections, Massive. Version X launched with a tonne of new and greatly expanded features, including vastly improved Routing and Performer (modulator) sections, which work especially well in conjunction with the highly flexible insert FX.


The Routing section is the focus of Senior Tutor Rob Jones’ exclusive member tutorial, first providing a quick overview and then showing how to wire the synth up to carry out parallel filtering, sub layering and feedback.


Many of these techniques are utilised in the 10 member patches, where Rob uses the three insert FX in oscillator mode to create a stacked minor 9 lead, and sets up the comb filter and anima effect in parallel to produce a colourful, rolling bass.

He also makes use of the enhanced modulator capabilities to apply some engaging movement and interest to sounds, including the comprehensive new Performer section, which now allows almost any curve to be applied to parameters!


For some quick tips on Massive X, check out this guide to using the Performer to create a rhythmic modulated bassline:

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