#StayInCreate with Producertech, Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique

Here at Producertech, we’ve been going all out to provide bonus content to our community that’s both useful across the board but also well suited to this current period of self isolation. There’s never been a better time to make music in your home studio, so we’re striving to deliver materials to help ease that process, with a mind to those who are feeling the strain financially.

Senior tutor Rob Jones has been busy conducting webinars and making tutorials purely using free samples within Loopmasters’ cloud-based sample browsing facility Loopcloud. Every month, another 500 free samples are added to the 20k strong library of free sounds, meaning there’s always fresh sounds to be found at no extra cost.


In the last member’s webinar, he constructed a basic arrangement from some of the week’s free samples, showing how much you can do with them, at the same time as delivering expert instruction on theory, sound design, mixing and other areas of production. Listen to a bounce of the track made in the 3-hour webinar from our Soundcloud page below.

Following this webinar, Rob dove into a series of tutorials looking at how to make your own drum and instrument kits in a number of different plugins, including Ableton Live, Maschine and Loopcloud Drum. As well as ultimately showing how sounds are imported, edited and arranged into patterns, there were also a number of movies showing how to make your own samples, either from existing samples with clever laying and processing, as well as from recordings of daily activities around the house!

Alongside all this, we’ve been working with Loopmasters on delivering a superb #StayInCreate care package that’s available to everyone, offering an extended free period on our Membership, in addition to tonnes of free sounds and software from Loopmasters/Loopcloud and Plugin Boutique. Included in the package are iZotope’s Neutron Elements and Plugin Boutique’s Radio plugins, as well as extra free sounds every day for anyone with a Loopcloud subscription. Loopcloud is totally free software, with free and paid account options.

For more info, click here.

As well as the usual Member’s Webinar coming next week, Rob plans to get online for a public webinar in the next few weeks too, so stay tuned for details about that…

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