Bundle - Beginners Complete Guide to Music Production

  • Bundle containing 14 courses
  • 40 hours of video tutorials
  • Stream videos directly from our site
  • Written Notes
  • Assessments & Assignments
  • 350MB of Bonus Samples
  • DAW Projects

This huge collection of Producertech’s core courses for beginners is the most comprehensive tutorial programme compiled to date, covering all of the main areas of production to get your music-making journey off to a flying start!

The package includes 14 courses in total, comprising around 40 hours of certified and award-winning tuition from Senior Tutor Rob Jones, with mastering engineer Adam Goodlet stepping in for the last course on DIY mastering. In addition to the streamed tutorials, enrolling on the bundle provides software projects, templates and practice sessions with every course, along with numerous supplementary PDF guides, bonus samples and even assessments at certain points along the way.

The programme starts at the very beginning, with no assumed knowledge, showing easy-to-follow techniques for constructing beats, basslines and accompanying melodies. This is bolstered by supporting courses on groove elements and music theory, to help build confidence with the rhythmic and musical aspects of composition.

The following group includes 2 masterclasses on arranging and effects, respectively, demonstrating the key principles when it comes to expanding initial ideas into a full song layout, as well as how the many effects on offer can assist in that process and perform a multitude of other functions for improving the quality of your production.

Before the final group on mixing, which features another extensive masterclass on all the basics, as well as deep dives into some of the most popular effects, there is a return to composition and sound design, delving into the 2 main instrument types: samplers and synthesisers. You’ll learn all about the main controls and functionality of both types and how to use them to create a whole host of classic and inspirational sounds.

By the end of the programme, you’ll be armed with a vast amount of knowledge and deep level of understanding, going well beyond just the basics, allowing you to take your music further than you could have ever imagined!

REQUIREMENTS: All courses in the package contain universally-applicable techniques that are easily transferable to all music software, so there is no strict software requirement. However, to get the most out of the programme and all the downloadable materials, Ableton Live is recommended.


Beginner’s Guide to Beats Production 


This set of lessons covers all the basics of beats production, from the kinds of sounds or individual instruments that make up a beat, to some of the fundamentals when it comes to the theory side, including subjects like tempo and timing. After the main principles of rhythm have been outlined, the subsequent modules go through each of the most popular methods for producing beats, from working with samples to playing various instruments. 


Bassline Fundamentals


Bassline composition knowledge is a huge part of producing electronic music, ensuring that the low end of a track is delivering the necessary components that complete the groove. On this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of bassline creation from the ground up, looking at the cornerstones of any bassline, which are its rhythm and pitch. By the end of the course, you’ll have a good understanding of the core aspects of timing of a bassline along with the different notes it can play, all of which can be applied in a wide range of styles.


Lead Fundamentals


Once a groove consisting of beats and bass has been locked down, adding accompanying leads can be a daunting next step for beginners. With so many different options available, it’s hard to know where to even begin! This course goes from the very top, demonstrating the absolute essentials when it comes to rhythm and pitch, to help with understanding what notes to play and the timing to play them with. By the end of the course, you’ll be armed with a multitude of simple techniques for working with audio and MIDI to come up with a whole host of leads that can be added to electronic music of any style.


Groove Fundamentals


Groove is a ubiquitous term in music production, appearing on hardware like drum machines, within editors in DAWs and on many software instruments too, but what is it actually referring to? This course answers this very question, with a detailed exploration of groove handling within a range of different applications, to help you become a master of the groove! You’ll acquire a firm understanding of terms like syncopation and swing, and learn to make the rhythms in your music more interesting and consistent.


Beginner’s Guide to Music Theory for Producers 


This course is designed to help students with little to no knowledge of music theory get a solid grasp on the basics, to help with creating quality basslines, leadlines, hooks and riffs in their music. Accompanying the lessons, there are MIDI files of all the patterns made, in addition to a cheat sheet and even theory quiz, for putting any newly-acquired knowledge to the test. By the end of the course, students will be armed with all the necessary skills to confidently create musical parts in the key of their song, and have a deeper understanding of the theoretical side of music production.


Beginner’s Guide to Song Arranging


On this course, you’ll be provided with the knowledge required to gain a good understanding of how music is arranged, from how and why song sections are structured, to specific techniques for improving the arrangement. By the end of the course, you should have a good idea of the necessary considerations and different approaches to arranging a track, ultimately helping construct clear goals to work to when making music. 


Beginner’s Guide to Audio Effects 


With such a wide range of audio effects on offer when producing, it can seem like a monumental task as a beginner to figure out what they all do! This course aims to make that task infinitely simpler by guiding you through all of the most popular effects, broken down into the main categories and with a plethora of examples to help with both understanding and putting them into practice. By the end of the course, you’ll have a much improved knowledge of why, when and how to use a wide range of different effects in music production. 


The Art of Sampling 


Sampling is perhaps the most popular means of creating musical parts in modern production, inherent in a vast number of applications, from drum construction, to leads, to FX. This course covers all of the core concepts of sampling, using a range of DAW-factory and 3rd-party plugin instruments, providing students with a fundamental understanding of how to confidently work with whatever samplers they own.


Beginner’s Guide to Synthesis 


This course aims to give you all of the fundamental skills and confidence to tackle sound design with any synthesiser with ease, to enable easier patch editing and creation of your own presets from scratch. The tutorials work through all of the main sections of a synth, including oscillators, filters, envelopes, LFOs, arpeggiators and more, explaining the function and control set of each one. To make the course as universal as possible, a wide range of synths are featured in the tutorials, with many of the most popular synth plugins and DAW built-in instruments shown.


Music Mixing Fundamentals 


A huge set of lectures going into the main stages of mixing music and principles behind each one. In the lessons, you’ll be guided through the whole process slowly and methodically, with everything explained clearly along the way. Subjects covered include balancing, panning, EQ, compression, reverb, stereo width, master channel processing and lots more!


EQ Fundamentals


A masterclass to help students confidently apply equalisation in their music. As EQ is about shaping frequencies, many areas of the course focus on the composition of sounds, to ensure there is an understanding of each part of the frequency spectrum and what exactly it contributes to different sound generators. The course is peppered with a multitude of ‘frequency demos’, as well as practical production examples, to ensure a thorough grasp of frequencies is attained.


Compression Fundamentals 


Compression is one of the most essential aspects of producing music, ensuring tracks have consistent dynamics and loudness levels that meet professional standards. This set of tutorials covers all the main principles behind the technique, plus a tonne of different methods for how to apply it. There is also an included assessment, complete with listening exercises to help with improving critical listening skills.


The Art of Filtering


Filters are a hugely important tool in the producer’s collection, whether mixing, sound designing or adding interest and variation in an arrangement. On this course, you’ll learn all of the basics, as well as a whole host of techniques for applying both static and dynamic filtering to all sorts of sounds in your mix. At the end of the course, there’s an assessment that features both written questions and listening exercises, to ensure that the information is sinking in and the ears are being technically trained.


Producer’s Guide to DIY Mastering 


Adam Goodlet’s in-depth guide to the DIY mastering process. Kicking off with an explanation of what mastering is, Adam then proceeds to break down his process into easy-to-follow steps. The modules cover a variety of essential mastering techniques, from EQing to achieve spectral balance, to multi-band dynamic processing to produce a tight low end and crisp highs. At the end of the course, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to create loud, punchy and powerful mastered tracks that will sound massive on any speaker or sound system.


Rob Jones

Rob is a classically trained musician, with piano as his primary instrument, and obtained a degree in music and sound recording (the prestigious Tonmeister course) from the University of Surrey. Having honed his skills both at University and in the studios in London where he worked in a technical role, he began releasing music on labels like Lot49, Dead Famous and Erase, under the artist name Anarchy Rice. Rob has been at the forefront of music software training since the very beginning, having kicked things off at Focusrite back in 2006. With both classical music and technical sound qualifications, as well as a wealth of presenting experience, he is ideally suited to the role of an online music trainer, and is 100% dedicated to sharing his knowledge and assisting others with what he believes to be one of the most rewarding things in life - making music!