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Producertech offers a complete range of Logic Pro Core Courses for both beginners and advanced users covering every aspect of the software and more.

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We work with certified tutors, reknowned DJs and professional musicians who can guide you through each module at your own pace. All of them can demonstrate clearly how to get the best out of Logic Pro for your own music.

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Fast track your creativity. Every course comes with high quality course materials such as Template projects, written notes and Bonus Sample Packs for your Logic Pro projects.

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Logic Pro Courses

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  1. Bundle - Level 1+2 Beginners and Advanced Logic Pro Courses

    Rob Jones

    Regular Price: $260.50

    Special Price $173.67

    This combined course package provides students with both the Beginners/Intermediate and Advanced lessons on Logic Pro, therefore teaching all of the basic skills required to start producing, as well covering the more complex areas of the software and technical aspects of composition, mixing and soun...
  2. Level 1 - Beginners Complete Guide to Logic Pro

    Rob Jones
    This Beginners Complete Guide to Logic Pro provides students with all the knowledge necessary to start making music with Logic. Designed for total beginners or those with some experience already, the lessons go through all of the main stages of making a track, from setting up and jamming, right thro...
  3. Level 2 - Advanced Guide to Logic Pro

    Rob Jones
    Our Advanced Logic Pro online course provides more experienced users with all the knowledge needed to make professional-sounding music. Expanding on concepts from the Level 1 course, the lessons include a thorough look at mixing, composing and sound design, with Logic’s included effects and in...

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