5 Awesome Bass Music Tracks Recommended by Seppa

Producer, DJ and Tutor Seppa is renowned not just for his jaw-dropping production but also legendary bass music DJ sets, combining together an assortment of styles and bpms from the genre.

It’s always interesting to learn the music that someone as reputable and impressive as Seppa is inspired by, so we asked him to send us his current top 5 tracks…

Broken Note - Iron Sky

A strong start with this aural and visual treat. The heaviest and most industrial of the bunch, with raucous Neuro bass twisting into slamming beats. Set this one as your alarm clock if you have difficulty waking up in the morning! And check out their Soundcloud page for more examples of DnB and Glitch.

Audio Gutter - Sumthin Else


On a much more bootleg tip, this one fuses Happy Hardcore, Speed Garage and Bass House in a pretty cool if not totally bonkers format! Filthy and rolling basslines, pitched up vocal hooks and more. Like Seppa, Audio Gutter is also part of the Bristol Bass Community and his Soundcloud page is host to a wide range of bats**t crazy beats and bass!

Deft - New York’s Finest VIP

With a dancehall groove, classic breakbeats, ruffneck vocals and driving sub bass, this one will certainly whip up the dancefloor into a frenzy. All tracks from this new EP are superb, straying into more half-speed and regular 140bpm beats as well as 4 to the floor on acid! Deft is def one to watch!

K.L.O. - ‘Bout Time

This one’s a group production from some of the sickest artists in the field; Kursa, Lone Drum & Osmetic. Lush, deep breakdowns combine with ridiculously head-nodding drops, scratching vocal licks and delayed FX. Check their Soundcloud page for more choonage of the plump variety.

VCTRE - Bowser VIP

Another subby, atmospheric track with some classic dubstep-style bass and a lo-fi melodic hook. A real bass journey this one, from another talented producer who ventures more into the deeper, Trap side of the genre in his other works, which you can hear on his Soundcloud page.

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