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Ableton Live Courses

Producertech provide a wide range of high quality courses showing how to use Ableton Live 9, including a comprehensive introduction to Ableton and tutorials to take your skills to the next level. There are also Ableton Live 9 tutorials on certain areas of production and performance, such as mixing techniques, sound design, mastering and how to DJ. In addition, Ableton production tutorials by both certified trainers and professional producers cover a range of musical styles, including how to make techno, drum and bass and house music. So whether you’re wanting an intro to Live or to learn Ableton Live 9 to a professional level, you need look no further.

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  1. Main

    Ableton Live DJ's Guide

    Adam Goodlet
    Ableton Live is not just a hugely popular and powerful DAW, but also a highly effective and intuitive live performance environment for DJs. Whether you're an experienced producer, a new Ableton user or an old school DJ looking for a powerful new creative tool, this extremely detailed course from Ad...
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    Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques

    Take your production skills to the next level, with this course from acclaimed UK producer Seppa. Following the release of his hard hitting, sci-fi influenced Homonculus EP, Seppa is here to give you a thorough breakdown of the advanced techniques he uses to create his genre-hopping style, which wi...
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    Bundle - Paul Maddox Complete Collection

    Paul Maddox
    Paul Maddox is one of our most prolific tutors, having produced a high quality selection of techno and house focused courses for us over the last couple of years. This bundle combines three of his most popular courses, offering them at a discounted rate. The included tutorials will give you a deep i...
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    Bundle - Ableton Live Complete Guides Collection

    Rob Jones
    This course bundle comprises four of our most popular Ableton Live Courses, offering them at a reduced rate. If you're looking to get to grips with both sound design and processing using Ableton's Suite instruments then look no further than this bundle....
  5. Main

    Pro Techno Tips and Tricks - 'Catacomb' Walkthrough

    Paul Maddox
    Learn the secrets behind creating powerful, high quality techno with this new course from Producertech tutor Paul Maddox. As one half of production and DJing duo Spektre, Paul has released a slew of hit records over the years, and these tutorials walk you through one of Spektre’s latest releas...
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    Complete Guide to Operator

    Rob Jones
    Operator is one of Live’s most powerful Suite Instruments, known for its hybrid approach to synthesis combining frequency modulation techniques with subtractive and additive synthesis. In this course from Producertech Senior Tutor Rob Jones, you’ll learn all you need to program any kind of soun...
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    Future House and EDM Production in Ableton Live

    From the clubs and parties of Europe to huge festivals in the USA, Future House and EDM has exploded in popularity in recent years. With this course from Producertech tutor Defazed, you can learn all the tips and tricks needed to create your own Future House anthems. ...
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    House and Techno Groove Production Masterclass

    Paul Maddox
    Producertech tutor Paul Maddox returns with this comprehensive course focused specifically on creating the solid foundations for any dance music track, the groove. With a successful career under a variety of aliases including Azure, Olive Grooves and Spektre (with Filthy Rich), Paul has a wealth of ...
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    Producing Disco House in Live

    Following the success of his Classic House course in Logic Pro, Maison Records label owner Ian Bland is back to create another comprehensive set of tutorials, this time on creating upbeat, funky disco house in Ableton Live....
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    Martin Eyerer Creates Tech House in Live

    Martin Eyerer
    Producertech invites you to join DJ and producer Martin Eyerer in his Berlin studio, as he creates a deep and grooving tech house track from scratch. The tutorials give a real insight into Martin’s production methods, showing the ‘engineer’s approach’ to creating electronic music. ...

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